ONE Naturales at Watsons

ONE Naturales' products offer natural luxury at affordable prices

When Charade Galang started formulating beauty soaps several years back, she didn’t foresee that she would eventually leave her managerial position at a top international fashion retail chain to concentrate on her first love: experimenting.

The trained pharmacist, after all, got into the soap business initially because she wanted to have additional income to keep up with the lifestyle demands of her line of work. The overwhelming success of her initial foray, however, prompted her to finally concentrate on her business and make it grow even bigger.

The success, of course, stems from the meticulousness Charade applies in coming up with the right formulations that synthesized two things that consumers are constantly on the lookout for: quality and price.

Charade Galang, the woman behind ONE Naturales.

As a woman of Science, she knows which ingredients will work best. And as a consumer herself, she knows that affordability is likewise very essential.

The winning combination of quality and price eventually led to probably the dream of every small business owner: being picked up by an international retail chain and commissioned to come up with an exclusive brand for them.

Thus, was the birth of ONE Naturales for Watsons. ONE stands for organic, natural and eco-friendly. It consists of personal care and beauty products that offer natural luxury, letting consumers bring home the experience of nature’s benefits presented in formulations that deliver optimal results.

“We created the products using the best combinations of naturally sourced ingredients and organic extracts, exudates, purees, and essential oils at high levels,” Galang says.

ONE Naturales Hand & Body Lotion

ONE Naturales’ current product range includes body soaps, solid shampoos, moisturizers, skin bar conditioners, body butter, lip butter balms, hair conditioners, and lotion massage bars.

Its soaps, which carry such fun names as Blast From The Past and Extra Virgin, are meticulously made by hand, while its other products are manufactured using the same standards in Good Manufacturing Practices for manufacturing facilities implemented by government regulatory agencies nationwide.

“The main difference of ONE Naturales is its formula, which is fortified by the use of high amounts of carefully selected high value natural and organic ingredients,” Galang explains.

Explaining the Science behind ONE Naturales, Galang says that “natural ingredients result to natural beauty.”

“Exposing our skin to products that have conscious efforts to reduce chemical agents will eventually retard skin aging, discoloration, and stress-related problems. ONE Naturales products were formulated using high amounts or natural and organic ingredients that nourish the skin with more food than junk,” she says.

And keeping true to its name, ONE Naturales has likewise packaged its products in environmentally friendly materials. They come in recyclable tins and recycled paper, and don’t use plastic.

ONE Naturales Body Scrub

In 2011, ONE Naturales will be introducing cosmetic products and advance skin care systems.

“We will be in the global stores of Watsons within 2011 and we hope to be the brand of choice of people who are conscious of what they use on their body and how it contributes to the care of our planet,” Galang concludes.

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.


  1. Do you have something for dark spots or blemishes? I wanted to try all the natural products you've created. ty.;-)

  2. you probably got the idea of using tin/recycled packaging from L'Occitane & the body shop. cool!

  3. Good day!!!
    I’m already at my late 40’s when I started using SP Beauty Lift Wrinkle Serum. Everyone who sees me tells me that I look younger! They even asked me if I had a face lift, because the wrinkles on my face just disappeared! I really love this product so much that I also tried using the other SP beauty products.
    I recommended it to all my friends and relatives. It really gave me the confidence that I needed, especially now that I’m in my 40’s!

  4. was amazed at this until i found out it was a ripoff from this >>>

    what a shame

  5. im mid 30s ive ried many branded imported products but i never get the result i wanted until i discovered one naturale.Great smell,so fresh and my skin so using wild coco body scrub and body cream.I highly recommend this awesome product!!!