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Maintaining a healthy body especially for bloggers like me is quite hard since I always sleep late, always on the front of my laptop or my PC which means I always seat. Sometimes, I neglect even a 100 seat up that I promised to do everyday.

 Maintaining our youthful energy is quite a challenge when you reach your somatopausal years (late 20s & up). These are, however, the least of Coach Jim Saret’s worries, as he has discovered the effective combination to staying and looking physically fit : a lifestyle that consists of a healthy balance between diet, workout, and Immuvit. Immuvit is a multivitamin supplement that contains the unique combination of two powerful ginsengs—Korean RPC Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng—as well as CoQ10.

“The active ingredients in Immuvit are very interesting as they contain exactly what my body needs to help me stay fit and healthy as I get older. The two ginsengs help revitalize my body; increase my resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stress; and give me an energy boost that increases my vitality. It really helps sustain my energy all day long,” says Coach Jim, who holds an MS in Sports in Medicine from Brigham Young University in the United States.

Coach Jim likewise lauds the fact that these two ginsengs in Immuvit come in combination with CoQ10.

CoQ10 is naturally produced by our body and plays a key role in producing energy as well as cell growth and maintenance. It is also an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused by free radicals. As we get older, however, our body produces less CoQ10. Because of that, our energy also starts to dwindle, our immune system starts to slow down, and our risk of getting a heart condition increases, so it is very important that we supplement the CoQ10 in our body,” Coach Jim Saret said. He is the man behind the 4-Minute Metabolic Workout Program and the X-FIT Program.

As the Sports Training and Fitness Consultant of the Philippine Olympic Committee, Coach Jim Saret holds workshops for national sports associations, coaches, and athletes that help their training programs. He is also the current president of the Scientific Sports and Fitness Council, the very first scientific sport and fitness academy in the Philippines, and the Training Director of the Advanced Performance Enhancement Training, which crafts scientific programs for local athletes.

On top of these, he also trains fitness instructors of various fitness gyms and is a featured columnist and advisory board member for a men’s health magazine. He is also a co-host for a radio program on fitness, and is a regular guest of several health and morning shows.

Coach Jim also currently handles the country’s top three sports teams: the RP Smart Gilas Basketball Team, the RP Swimming Team, and the RP Boxing Team. Despite the physical rigors that come with these responsibilities, though, Coach Jim says he feels as energized as ever. “With Immuvit and a healthy lifestyle, I know I can still do more,” he concludes.

Coach Jim Saret is really inspiration in achieving a healthy mind and body. With the help of Immuvit, a healthy balance between diet, and a dedicated workout we can all achieve a healthy body like him! :)

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