OFWs Trusted LBC Peso Padala

Students from all over the country are always assured that they receive the money sent by their OFW relatives abroad using LBC Peso Padala’s reliable instant branch pick-up services.

OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) need a trust-worthy reliable partner when it comes to sending urgent money remittances to their families here in the Philippines. The beginning of the school year incurs tuition & other school expenses, making such money remittances crucial to children of these OFWs. To avoid any disruption in their children’s education, OFWs must be assured that their remittances arrive safely and on time.

“By the time I was in Grade 5, I became aware that I was receiving tuition money from my mom, that she would send through LBC Peso Padala. My lola would always say, ‘O, dumating na yung LBC mo’—it had become a generic term for the tuition money that my Mom would send,” says Asma, 25, who now works in the US after her mother Gina, a nurse, brought her there.

“Mama only went home once or twice a year: Christmas & sometimes on my birthday. Occasionally, a classmate of mine would ask if I ever felt tampo (resentful) of my Mama because she was away most of the time. I always replied ‘No’ because if my Mama didn’t work abroad, I would not be able to go to school at all. I loved going to my school because I had a lot of friends there and they helped ease my longing for Mama,” added Asma.

She also points out that her mom would always tell her to study well, to value the cash and other items being sent to her. Asma added that seeing her mother's sacrifice inspired her to study hard so she could get good grades & finish her education. It was a big help that she never had any problems whenever her school tuition was concerned. “Without those remittances sent by my Mama, I would not have the life I’m living now,” she says.

Fast and Reliable

LBC Peso Padala is fast, reliable, and secure and ensures that the hard-earned money sent by Filipinos working abroad are sent in time for their children’s tuition, school needs, and household expenses, among many others.

The experience of JR, a copywriter for an ad agency, has some similarities with that of Asma, but his father was a migrant worker in a far province, instead of a foreign country.

“From elementary school till high school, my father was posted in Zamboanga. He worked at the port area for the customs bureau. Usually, he would come home 2 or 3 times a year. Not surprisingly, he would send my tuition money through LBC Peso Padala,” JR said.

Millions of OFW families and Filipino migrant workers rely on LBC Peso Padala as their lifeline, receiving the money needed to supply their needs as their providers work in far-off places. LBC Peso Padala is fast and reliable, facilitating same-day encashment deliveries of money remittances.

FYI, LBC Peso Padala remittances can be received through instant branch pick-up at any of the 850 LBC branches across the Philippines. LBC is committed to serving Filipinos no matter where they are, serving as an important link between OFWs, migrant workers, and their family members around the world.

JL Santiago Aquino

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