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Do you link to in your blog posts? If so, a recent Blogger integration may be just the thing for you. Blogger now integrates directly with Amazon Associates, giving you the ability to search the entire product catalog without ever leaving the Blogger post editor. Writing a review of Avatar and want to point your readers to the DVD that just came out? Not only can you link to the DVD, you can also include the cover art and buy it now info from Amazon so your readers know how much it costs without ever leaving your site.

You might even make some money in the process! Amazon pays an advertising fee to a Blogger user who is a participant in Amazon's Associates Program and whose visitors buy products linked from their blog. Sign up is simple - just click on the Monetize tab in Blogger, then click on Amazon Associates to get started. Once enabled, you will see a new Amazon gadget next to the familiar Blogger post editor:


Whether you want to make some extra money, or you just want to add some pizzazz to your blog posts, the Amazon Associates integration is a great way to add color to any blog post about books, movies, electronics, music or any other product sold at

More details at Blogger Buzz, or just click Monetize in your blog's dashboard to get started.

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