A New Chapter: Shaping the Empire Leaders

The Vigor Federation is starting its opening ceremony entitled "In Omnia Paratus: Broadening the Horizons," which aspires to enhance and polish the potential of students to be excellent candidates for leadership.

The event was headed by Mechaila Mherlie D. Banate and Arvie Joy Aquino as the co-head. All bona fide members of PUPFJPIA Academic Year 2022-2023 are invited to join the upcoming event.  It will be held on October 29-30 on the PUPFJPIA Facebook page.

The federation planned a series of events in the opening ceremony that will undoubtedly aid students in enhancing their competence, knowledge, and skills. The upcoming podcast "Fedtalks: Sneak Peek: A Guide To PUPFJPIA" is first on the list. It provides you the chance to learn about the organization's history and accomplishments. There will also be much more to discuss with our special guest who will join us at this event. In every event, webinars will always be on the list. Thus, the organization also prepared a series of educational, inspirational, and enlightening webinars. This webinar series will enable students to learn more from various speakers and gain experience that can apply to their future paths and professional endeavors. How exciting is that?

The opening ceremony does not end there as the organization also prepared different contests for our FJPIANs. It has three categories: Journalism, Philippine History Quiz Bee, and Creative Photography. This aims to highlight the abilities and skills of students from various local chapters. Of course, certificates and prizes are waiting for from the different partners and sponsors! We can't start the federation without knowing who will lead us. Thus, we are also getting to know the PUPFJPIA FY 2022-2023 Executive Officers and witnessing their Oathtaking Ceremony. 

The chosen theme of the event was the Ancient Roman Empire. It was known for having leaders with excellent leadership; thus, the purpose of this event is to create a team full of competent, capable, and outstanding leaders. This event will be the empire's first foundation for it to be firm and indestructible. All of us are leaders, and every day presents an opportunity for growth. We can't remain where we are because we need to progress and go beyond ourselves. We can discover more about ourselves through this event and unleash our potential to become a better version of ourselves in the future. It is also our chance to meet new people from different local chapters of our university! 

Just like the event title, it was really prepared for the FJPIANs as a guide to broaden their horizons and be in omnia paratus or to be ready for anything. Everyone is excited to see how you will shape and embody yourself to be the ideal leader that you aspire  to be. 

JL Santiago Aquino

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