BJ Pascual and Samantha Lee level up Mobile photography and videography

Samsung continues its PASS10N Lab series of workshops with its second leg featuring renowned fashion photographer BJ Pascual and fast-rising filmmaker Samantha Lee. Built for this generation’s trailblazers, the talks are designed to take passion to the next level through collaborating with like-minded individuals.

Pascual is one of the Philippines’ most in-demand photographers, having shot many of the country’s most beautiful faces. He is also considered as one of the most sought-after photographers to work in the fashion industry, with his photos gracing the covers of magazines in the country and abroad.

Meanwhile, Lee is one of the fastest-rising filmmakers of her generation, with strong advocacy for better representation of women and the LGBTQ+ community in the local cinema. She is the director of the award-winning film Baka Bukas and the FAMAS Award-nominated Billie & Emma.

Together, Pascual and Lee taught the Samsung Members present on how to take mobile photography and videography to the next level.

“You don’t need a professional camera to take great snapshots. You can use a smartphone with good features to have a well-curated Instagram page,” shared Pascual. “One of the things I look at, whether it’s with my camera or my phone, is the lighting. I study how the light and shadow fall on my subject to make them look their best.”

“I find inspiration everywhere. My feed is composed of the food I eat, the countries I visit, and just beautiful things I find in Manila and the world,” added Lee. “I try to stay aware of my surroundings and notice the beauty in the little things.”

Both Pascual and Lee use the next generation Samsung Galaxy S10 to capture great moments for their social media accounts. The Galaxy S10’s True Vision Multi-Camera allows both content creators to take photos and videos when inspiration hits them.

The photographer elevates everyday moments with the Galaxy S10’s triple cameras, including the 12MP Dual Aperture Lens, the 16MP Ultra-Wide Lens for panoramic photos, and a 12MP Telephoto Lens for impressive optical zooming. His selfies also become magazine-worthy with the smartphone’s front cameras, which offer a 10MP Dual Pixel UHD Selfie Lens. The Galaxy S10 suggests the best composition for all photos and automatically adjusts settings based on the subject.

As a director, Lee uses the Galaxy S10’s 4K UHD Video, which can also be used on the front camera. The smartphone lets Lee shoot footage as if she was using a pro-level action camera as it automatically stabilizes the scene with Super Steady. At the same time, the HDR10+ Recording lets the filmmaker shoot scenes and play it back with all the details, thanks to the Galaxy S10’s rich color, contrast, and Dynamic Tone Mapping.

“The Galaxy S10 is already equipped with the best camera in the market,” said Pascual. “I’m confident going around Manila or even outside the country with just my smartphone because I know I can shoot something that I can confidently submit to a magazine editor or post on my social media feed.”

Lee shared the same sentiment. “I like to explore and now I can just carry my essentials, including my Galaxy S10. I can take photos and shoot footage without having to worry about quality.”

Watch Pascual and Lee share their tips on leveling up mobile photography and videography on Samsung’s “PASS10N LAB”. To know more, visit

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