Strongest Filipino GAWAIN JOHNSTONE will Compete in 'ProRaw Big Dogs 3' in Melbourne

Filipino-Australian powerlifting champion Gawain Johnstone recently did a talk about the benefits of powerlifting at Kerry Sports Manila in Shangri-La at the Fort. The current strongest Filipino man also had an open media workout with the press and bloggers where he demonstrate the basics of the sport.

“The pure lifts of powerlifting, meaning the squat, bench press and deadlifts, are the basics of every sport. For every sport, there is an element of strength, whether it be power, whether it be endurance, or some level of conditioning. Those 3 lifts, they all aid every sport that is played, whether it be basketball, boxing, athletics, football, etc.” said Gawain Johnstone.

Gawain will also be competing on October 14, 2018, for Proraw Big Dogs 3, that will be held in Melbourne, Australia. The annual contest gathers the strongest powerlifters in the planet. He was also the first Australian-born male to squat 400 kilograms, in the said powerlifting competition. Gawain was also previously 2009 Junior State Champion for powerlifting, and also the National Champion for both 2009 and 2010 in Australia.

“It is both an honor and privilege to be able to enable and create exposure for the sport and our people. I said that if I can create an opportunity to give you perspective in order to refine your craft then it was a success for me. I pray that I’ve done that..And I pray that you take that passion and enable it forward.” he posted on his official instagram account @85gunit after the said event.

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