Just Received a DUI? Here Is What To Do Next

Getting stopped for Driving Under the Influence is a frightening experience. Chances are a million thoughts are currently racing through your head. The first step you need to take is to stay calm. While the consequences of a DUI can be very serious, a few simple steps and the right ticket attorney can help you mitigate the damage or even get the ticket dismissed.

Write Down the Details

Everything matters when you are stopped for a DUI. So, take a moment to note the details for later use. Here are a few questions you may want to answer:

• Where were you stopped?
• When were you pulled over?
• What was the reason the officer gave for pulling you over?
• Were you given a breath test?
• What did the officer ask you? What did you say?
• What field-sobriety tests were you given?

Get Witness Statements

If someone was with you in the vehicle, have him or her record a statement of what happened. If you saw any friends or family before or after driving, get statements from them as well. If people testify on your behalf, you may be able to receive a not guilty verdict.

Make Social Media Private

Many people share photos of parties and drinking on social media. This is usually harmless but may paint the wrong picture when fighting a DUI charge. They can be presented out of context to make the situation seem worse than it is. Mark your profiles private as soon as possible.

Find a Great Lawyer

Professional help can be the difference between getting the case dismissed and facing serious consequences. Even if you receive a guilty verdict, a great DUI lawyer can help you get a more favorable outcome.

If you are in the bay area, you will want to hire the best DUI lawyer San Francisco has to offer. While many traffic tickets can be fought alone, receive a DUI citation usually requires an attorney.

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