How to Get the Most from your Insurance Plan

We buy life insurance because it is the best way to protect our loved ones. We see life insurance as a tool that protects your spouse and children from the potentially devastating financial losses that can result if we demise prematurely.

Life insurance buys time and options! Most of the time when a breadwinner of the family dies, survivors are forced to make tough choices at a time when they may not be emotionally in a position to make good choices. Life insurance gives survivors a chance to adjust over time rather than having to move to a downsized home or find new job right away.

YGC Corporate Services, Inc

There are many kind of insurance available here in the Philippines. To start, you must find a reputable insurance company. Have a peace of mind and protect your loved ones by getting a plan with YGC (Yuchengco Group of Companies) Corporate Services, Inc, in partnership with Malayan Insurance and Sun Life Grepa Financial. Established in 1999, YGC CSI is tasked to identify and optimize synergy opportunities within YGC. Part of it's key function is the extension services to YGC member companies in the area of Direct and Affinity Marketing.

They offer different Health Protection Plans that are suited to your specific needs and those of your family members. YGC CSI’s Health Protection Plans includes Malayan Family Protect, Malayan Family Protect Elite, Malayan Insurance Family Protect Plus & more. Cash benefits are given for hospital confinement and ICU coverage. There are life and disability benefits as well. If you choose the Card For Life plan, you will have add-on cash benefits for the payment of your annual credit card dues.

According to a research more than 400,000 Filipinos are confined in a hospital each year. Most of them lose income while doing so and struggle to keep up with expenses. Will you be one of them? Malayan's Home Protect Plus provides financial assistance to the insured and/or any member of his family for hospital confinement or surgical expenses incurred due to accident.

Making The Most Out Of Your Malayan Family Protect Plans
  • Choose the right plan for you and your family. Before you simply stick with the same insurance plan each year, make sure that you look at what kinds of medical needs your family currently has. If you have any upcoming check-ups, or someone in your family was just diagnosed with a chronic illness, make sure you choose the plan that covers those best.
  •  Read and understand your plan. Keep those benefits documents you get when you sign up for your insurance plan handy. They can provide great info on what you'll pay for different types of services, and what the rules of your insurance plan are—like. Following the rules will help you ensure that you get quality care at a significant savings.
  • Fully use any discounts, programs and benefits. These kind of companies sometimes offer health and wellness programs, including discounts on fitness classes, programs dedicated to help with specific medical conditions, apps to help you track medications and health records, or other perks. Make sure you check your insurance company's website regularly for new benefits.

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