Kos Greek Ouzeri in UP Town Center: Authentic Greek Cuisine

I've never been to Greece yet, so I don't really know how authentic Greek food taste like. Aside from that Greek restaurant in Eastwood this is just my second time trying out Greek dishes. Kos Greek Ouzeri located at UP Town Center in Diliman is proud with its tagline, "Authentic Greek Cuisine." For those curious, Kos is an island in Greece and Ouzeri is a type of tavern which serves ouzo and mezedes.

I've met Kos Ouzeri's chef Mats Loo and found out that he spent a considerably long time on board Mediterranean luxury cruises. He went to Manila and opened this restaurant and now after 3 very successful years, he decided to re-invent and re-introduce this Mediterranean cuisine through this establishment as being more than a restaurant, more than a place to eat.

Visiting Kos Greek Ouzeri for the first time? Don't forget to try their Tarragon Lemonade. Freshly squeezed lemon with a hint of tarragon sprig and syrup garnished with lemon slice. It was so refreshing to say the least. 

Mezedes Set

A Greek restaurant will not be complete without bread. If we Filipinos love our rice, Greeks would always look for freshly baked assorted breads. Koz have 20+ dips to choose from but I recommend the Tzarziki (the fifth one in the photo above) made of yogurt cucumber dip with garlic, dill, lemon juice & olive oil.

Greek Salad? Yes please!  Koz Salata is a mixed green with sun dried tomatoes, dried figs caramelized nuts, grapes topped with honey-grape vinaigrette and a generous amount of feta cheese! Yum.

Soutzoukakia Smyrneika is a sausage shape meatballs cooked in spiced tomato sauce.

Spanakopita: Spinach pie with layers of filo, spinach, onion & feta cheese.

Keftedakia: Meatballs, herbs, and spices with lemon and yogurt dip.

This Chicken Souvlaki is ❤️ It's a Skewer served with roasted veggies, yogurt plus garlic and red bell pepper sauce. Has an exciting mix of spices and the dip is to die for. Instant fave!

According to the Chef, In Greece, people normally consume alcohol early in the morning (like around 10:00 AM) example is this Ouzo pictured above (pronounced as Barbayanni, Yup! I googled it. Haha!). You can mix it with water that will makes it cloudy white or with an orange juice. Reminder, drink moderately because it is kinda strong for me ;)

You can view a video of Chef Mats Loo demonstrating how to drink ouzo on FoodTrip.info

Pastitsio at Kos Greek Ouzeri: layered tubular pasta, with meat & tomato sauce topped with béchamel sauce. It's like a Greek lasagna.



Ending the night are the Loukomades (fried dough in syrup with cinnamon & walnuts) and Galaktoboureko (greek custard pie in filo sheet with honey syrup) I recommend the latter, not too sweet and the honey syrup goes well with the custard pie. The perfect Glyka!

Greek Coffee!

There are 3 things that I liked about Kos. First, is the freshness and the quality of each ingredients they use for their dishes, which are mostly from Tagaytay. Second is their location in the heart of Quezon City which is just a one ride away from me, and lastly the way they price their menu. If you haven't tried Greek dishes, give Koz Ouzeri a chance and I bet you won't regret it.

Such a Saturday afternoon well spent at Kos Greek Ouzeri. I will comeback for sure. 

KOS Greek Ouzeri | UP Town Center
Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City 1108
Phone Number: (02) 287-1558

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