Electro-Voice Makes Back-to-Back Appearances in Manila Audio Conventions

Electro-Voice (EV), the leading professional audio brand, staged double appearances in the recently concluded pro-audio, video, lighting, and entertainment technology conventions, the PALMM Expo Philippines and Musik Manila. Through its distributor, EVI Philippines, Electro-Voice displayed its fascinating range of professional-grade speakers and microphones and captivated a wide array of sound professionals and dealers alike.

The X1 of the X-Line Advance Speakers took the spotlight in the PALMM Show convention at the SMX Convention Center. Known for its innovative and compact audio features, the X1 vertical line-array speakers system has a capacity of performing multiple applications that fit the needs of either large-scale worship houses or entertainment venues in one cost-effective package. Because of complete and top-of-the-line broadcast and pro A/V solutions EVI Philippines showcased, the brand cinched the ‘Best Entertainment Technology’ award during the culminating event.

The X2 System on the other hand was the stellar product in the Musik Manila exhibition in the World Trade Center. The two-way vertical line-array loudspeaker promises a wide-coverage system for live sound that is perfect for arena-level acoustics. Through its R&D generated technology, the X2 excels in producing high-output for all vocal and musical elements. The X2 stood out in the ‘shoot out’ segment – an outdoor listening program where the biggest brands in audio industry gathered to demonstrate the sound quality of their speakers.

EV visitors of both conventions were able to experience of the audio prowess of the X1 and X2 speakers through the danceable hits of EDM jockeys DJ Janice and DJ Ouch. EV’s portable speakers, the ZLX, ETX, ELX, EKX, and the recently-launched ND-Series microphones were also showcased in the said events.

“The game-changing technologies of X1 and X2 line-array systems of the have truly set Electro-Voice apart in the pro-audio industry,” said Rowena Bonifacio, Bosch Philippines Country Sales Manager. “Our participation in trade conventions and exhibitions such as PALMM Show and Musik Manila gave us an opportunity to develop our footprint in the local industry so that everyone can gain access to our quality, forward-thinking audio solutions.”


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