MIDEA Lab-a-Fair!

MIDEA, the world’s number 1 manufacturer of consumer appliances, enters the Philippine market with a perfect product to address this consumer pain – Enter the Midea One –Touch Washing Machines.

To effectively introduce this to Filipino Consumers, Midea had a grand Lab-a-Fair at Barangay Holy Spirit Covered Court, Quezon City, where the consumers tried first-hand, the ground breaking features of their new washing machines.

Doing the laundry may not be the most endearing of all household chores, but Concepcion Midea Inc. (CMI) made sure that starting today, Filipino families will find doing the laundry to be fast, convenient, time-saving and affordable.

The families of Barangay Holy Spirit along Commonwealth venue in Quezon City trooped to the Barangay Holy Spirit covered court for the “Midea Lab-A-Fair” and experienced first-hand what Midea washing machines, particularly the Midea One-Touch Washing Machine, are all about.

10 Midea One-Touch washing machines were installed for the Midea Lab-A-Fair, with 8 positioned at the “One Touch Laba Station” at the court, and 2 units at the Demo Truck parked nearby. Each washing machine unit has a power meter installed to showcase its P1 per wash load capability.

The free laundry activity allowed 100 registrants to do the free One Touch trial, with a maximum of 8 kilos of laundry per person. To participate, barangay residents first went to the weighing stations to determine the weight of their laundry, after which, the laundry was then placed in a special bag complete with a number tag that served as the resident’s queue number for the One-Touch Laba Station. While waiting for their laundry to finish, a handful of Midea Specialists talked about the innovative special features of the Midea One-Touch Washing Machine.

After that, the clean laundry was then placed in a special Midea laundry bag.

But the Midea Lab-A-Fair was not just about washing clothes for free. As an added treat to Barangay Holy Spirit residents, special activity booths were also set up to highlight the washing machine’s features and to deliver more fun and excitement.

The booths featured entertaining games such as “PISO Roleta Game,” “Magic Cube Game,” “Water Control Game,” and a photobooth was also set up where residents had their photos taken and got a free souvenir from Midea.

And the most awaited parts of the event were the special Midea Lab-A-Fair truck, a special entertainment show hosted by Gelli Victor and Gabe Mercado with thrilling games like the “One Touch Game” and the “Pera O Batya Game,” and of course the raffle, where lucky residents took home special prizes like Midea Laundry Packages and brand-new Midea Microwave Ovens.

“We are very delighted with the turnout and we look forward to doing this more often, particularly in barangays in Metro Manila where washing clothes is quite difficult, and drying is also a challenge given the rainy weather we have. This event is Midea’s gift to the people where they can experience doing their laundry in the most cost-efficient way and most of all, be able to enjoy doing it,” explains Mr. Joeben Gamatero, Marketing Director of Concepcion Midea, Inc.

The Midea One-Touch Washing Machine boasts of one-touch button features, as it provides 16-percent better cleaning of clothes with its 3D Waterfall feature that creates strong water current inside to enable water and detergent to penetrate the fabric more efficiently, the Water Magic Cube feature that saves time by doing away with untangling of clothes, plus Smart Sensors to ensure that the right amount of water is loaded in every wash.

Midea, one of the world’s most trusted appliance brands, is distributed in the Philippines by Concepcion Midea, Inc., a joint venture of the country’s big names in quality home appliances: Concepcion Industrial Corporation and Concepcion Carrier Air Conditioning, with the objective of bringing quality and innovative home appliances to consumers in the Philippines.

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