Best of August: Top 5 Lessons on Dating from "Men at Work" Season 2 only on beTV

The guys of Men at Work are back on the best of TV, beTV! Milo (Danny Masterson), who struggled to move on after getting dumped by his girlfriend during the show’s first season, returns with his friends: the sensitive, Neal (Adam Busch); the witty, Tyler (Michael Cassidy); and, the womanizer, Gibbs (James Lesure). With Season 2 set to air on August 29 at 8:30 PM, we have rounded up the Top 5 lessons on mating, dating and relating to women from the well-intentioned men of Men at Work.

Lesson No. 1: If there’s a will, there’s a way. Do not hold back on returning to the dating scene even with disappointments and rejection scares. You never know. You might just find the girl of your dreams.

Lesson No. 2: Never date someone from your friend’s past or, worse yet, your friend’s present girlfriend. Getting it on with visions of your friend in the background would be extremely disturbing and not to mention, mood-killing. But worse of all, this move would kill the friendship.

Lesson No. 3: It wouldn’t hurt to wear your lucky charm. If you need a confidence boost when going out on a date, put on that lucky vest! You never know how lucky you may get with that fail-safe charm hidden in your closet.

Lesson No. 4: Take things slow. A new romance seems to be overwhelming but always keep in mind that too much of something is never that good. Learn how to “downshift” the relationship.

Lesson No. 5: Learn to let go. When your relationship becomes awkward, like when you run out of things to talk about or feel that there is no longer that connection, it may be time to re-evaluate and pull away. Don’t let pity get in the way, even if she may have hurt her leg. Mustering that courage may save you from a painful and complicated relationship.

Milo and his friends may not always get things right, but they sure know how to make the most of the situation and have a good time! Catch the clueless yet always hilarious and endearing foursome with their dating hits and misses on Men At Work starting August 29, 8:30 PM every Monday to Thursday, first and exclusive on beTV!

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