PISM Advocates for Globally Competitive Filipino Supply Management

Philippine Institute for Supply Management (PISM), the premiere organization for Filipino Supply Management professionals, raises the bar for local professionals as it sets the stage for a bigger and grander Supply Management conference and exhibit with SupplyLink 2013 this March.

Slated to be held at the SMX Convention Center from March 6 to 7, SupplyLink 2013 will observe the theme “Innovation + Collaboration: the Keys to Global Supply Management Excellence” to highlight the significance of developing synergies and creative thinking to address the current megatrends in the Supply Management profession.

The conference will feature local and international experts in the Supply Management field to be headed by USA’s Institute for Supply Management (ISM) CEO, Thomas Derry. Derry and the other speakers from Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India and the Philippines will showcase methodologies and techniques to help our national professionals raise their level of practice and at the same time, face the challenges in the industry today.

Consequently, SupplyLink 2013 will also play host to the Gawad Sinop 2013 – the annual award-giving body organized by the Foundation of the Society of Fellows in Supply Management (SOFSM). Gawad Sinop seeks to recognize professionals and corporations who have exhibited outstanding achievements in the Supply Management profession – with Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima as its keynote speaker.

Furthermore, as a teaser to PISM’s continued mission to arm our national professionals with vital intelligence to help Filipino Supply Managers make more intelligent decisions, PISM has recently disclosed the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for January 2013. PMI is a composite index measuring the health of industries and is published monthly. According to the report, the Consolidated Index is at 55.74 in January compared to 57.75 for December 2012. Overall, the sectors monitored continued to expand but at a slower rate compared to December 2012. The manufacturing index in January was at 51.76 compared to 47.86 last December indicating manufacturing is expanding but at faster rate compared to last month. The increase of the manufacturing index was attributed to the higher demand for consumer products and the build-up in preparation for the Chinese New Year. Services index on the other hand, was at 60.57, down from 64.66 in December 2012. Moreover, the retail and wholesale index at 52.57 continues to show expansion but at slower rate since October 2012.

With this, PISM is optimistic that SupplyLink 2013 will successfully serve its purpose as the melting pot of best practices, ideas and industry knowledge that will arm local professionals with the necessary tools to become successful locally and worldwide.

About the PISM

The Philippine Institute for Supply Management (PISM) is a non-stock, non-profit organization founded in November 13, 1968 as the Purchasing Association of the Philippines. The PISM is tasked with providing Purchasing and Supply Management executives with the means to network, learn, work together, and share various experiences to help overcome hurdles that impact their companies and local industry.

Its programs and events enable PISM to be the first resource of Supply Management professionals for local and international knowledge and competence. It currently has about 300 member companies, and has official ties with the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) based in Switzerland, Institute for Supply Management of the United States (ISM), and the Asia-Pacific Logistics Federation (APLF), among other institutions.


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