Mikael Daez Reveals his Secret

Born to an athletic family, model-actor and Centrum brand ambassador Mikael Daez is a fitness buff: he keeps fit through regular exercise and engaging in a variety of sports and outdoor activities. He complements his physical fitness routines with a healthy diet and Centrum vitamins and minerals supplement—for complete daily nutrition from vitamin A to Zinc.

An active, dynamic and healthy lifestyle: this is what actor-model and Centrum Brand Ambassador Mikael Daez personifies. It has never been a challenge for him to maintain good nutrition and at the same time keep up his figure. He is after all well-trained to be physically and nutritionally fit and healthy even at a very young age.

“I come from a very big family that’s very active, always on the go, a lover of sports. Being active is so natural for me. Our family can put up a basketball team having six boys, and can also manage to have cheerleaders with my two sisters and my mom, plus our dad as the coach.”

“With such a very big family, we often did things together as we grew up. Our father’s motto is ‘walang iwanan’ thus we tend to stick together and do things together. I have brothers whom I can play basketball with. My mom and I play badminton. I have also tried football, badminton, taekwondo, cycling and running. Almost everybody in the house is athletic,” relates Mikael.

Aside from being a sport enthusiast, this 24-year old hunk goes to the gym regularly. With his current taping scheduled every other day, he goes to the gym in between. He sees to it not to slack off or miss any workouts. And in the rare occasions that he has flu, he sweats it out and feels better afterwards.

A firm believer in the benefits of proper nutrition, Mikael is just as committed to maintaining a healthy diet as he is disciplined when it comes to physical exercise and sports.

“A healthy diet for me should have the right amount of calories to match the level of my physical activities. It should also provide the vitamins and minerals I need every day. As much as possible, I make myself aware of what are the right foods to eat and how to eat right so everything balances out,” shares Mikael.

Inevitably, Mikael’s disciplined lifestyle pays off as he is one of the most admired model-actors in local show business. Asked about his diet, he shares that he balances his protein and carbohydrates intake, and takes more than eight glasses of water everyday. He is fond of drinking fresh fruit juices, and avoids softdrinks, iced tea, and beer.

Mikael also enjoys his sleep, usually about six hours every night. He also takes naps in-between shoots and shows.

With his healthy lifestyle, coupled with his optimistic outlook in life, Mikael is the epitome of a well-brought up individual—so he is really the ideal Centrum Brand Ambassador. How did he feel when he learned that he was chosen to represent the brand? “I was so ecstatic. The brand defines me,” he said.

“I like being healthy. I like reading about it, living by it. Nutrition is my passion and I have loved sports ever since. I believe a Centrum Brand Ambassador embodies a compete and healthy lifestyle. As one takes care of his body physically – by eating right, exercising, doing sports plus taking the appropriate multivitamins – he will get to work better, be more sociable and be in tune with his emotions as well,” says Mikael.

With the busy schedule and kind of work he has, Mikael all the more believes in the necessity to take a vitamins and nutritional supplement. He believes that Centrum, being a multinational brand, delivers complete nutrition. Thus, he takes Centrum everyday.

“I am also very much at home with Centrum. I remember when I was a kid, my dad would take Centrum, and I would be the one to open the big bottle jar and give him the vitamins. And when I went to college, I follow my father’s example. I also take Centrum even until now,” he shares.

Centrum is a complete and specially balanced vitamin-mineral supplement that contains 30 vitamins and minerals one’s body needs-- from A to Zinc--in all the right amounts. For those of us with busy schedules, a complete nutritional supplement is what we need to fill in the unavoidable gaps that even a healthy diet can have.

You, too –like Mikael--can complete your nutritional requirements every day with Centrum, so you may live life to the fullest and be at your peak performance.

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