TJ Media/SoundMax 'TKR-355P HDD Karaoke' Launch in Palacio de Maynila

Last September 21, 2012, TJ Media and SoundMax Media Marketing Corporation unveiled the latest addition to the growing TJ media brand, the TKR-355P. The event was held at the Palacio de Maynila in Roxas Boulevard, Manila. Present in the said event are Atty. Wilson C. Vinoya (CFO, SoundMax Media), Mr. Paul Camangian (President & CEO of SoundMax Media), Mr. Jae-Hwan Yoon (Chairman of TJ Media Corporation), Mr. Nick Jeong (General Manager, Philippine Operation).

The event was also the culmination of the Singing Bida 2, the search for the karaoke champion among all TJ Media dealers. Also present are The Playgirls (with members: Pauline, Nizza and Carmen) dubbed as the Pussycat Dolls of Asia. They're also the first major endorser of this product in the Philippines!


TKR-355P has 500 GB hard disc capacity. It contains high quality sound and video, a wide selection of OPM, English and K-pop (with English subtitles) songs, fully licensed song and video contents, affordable and regular monthly song updates, high quality song recording, and various user functions. Plus it has 200 GB built-in user storage for recorded songs and your favorite personal photos, videos, MTVs and movies.  This new product boasts of being the most affordable Korean made HDD karaoke in the Philippines. And since it's manufactured by TJ media, the world's no. 1 karaoke manufacturer, you can be assured of the product's superior quality as many TJ media brand fanatics can attest.

The Playgirls playing games with the attendees.

TKR-355P HDD Karaoke is believed to be much better than any other existing brands in the market now in terms of:  the sound module (responsible for producing and creating the music) used; background videos are of high quality, regular monthly song updates at affordable rates, has feature that allows you to record yourself while seeing your favorite songs, and allows you to personalize background.  You can upload your own pictures or videos to the player because it utilizes a hard disc drive that has plenty of space allotted for the user's own use.

Mr. Paul Camangian ,the President and CEO of SoundMax Media doing  demo of TKR-355P.

Nara Yoon, Manager for TJ Media Overseas Operations (son of Jae-Hwan Yoon,the Chairman of TJ Media Corporation) performing a Tagalog song, "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang" with Ms. Jubelle C. Sebastian.


TJ Media Co., Ltd. of South Korea, is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of karaoke players, di gital amplifiers and speaker systems under the Ziller brand name. Tj Media is one of the two major players in this industry with an estimate asset of US $60 million. TJ Media is also involved in the development of the following: graphics, audio network, and other device drivers; multimedia and network-related application technologies, along with various software, as well as utilities for building karaoke systems and other applications.

TJ Media products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by SoundMax Media Marketing Corporation

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