Fun Kid’s Apps for your NOKIA Lumia

It’s not an easy task to keep your young ones occupied and entertained all the time. Thankfully, mobile technology has presented more options and activities that will allow kids to learn new things, play games and explore their talents.

Now, while you’re in transit to the mall or waiting for your kid’s turn at the dentist, you can lend your Nokia Lumia smartphone to him and kill some time. Better yet, turn this opportunity into another bonding moment with him -- solving puzzles, answer quizzes and creating artworks together.

Here are 10 free fun and educational apps that can help you keep your kids busy virtually anywhere, anytime!

Origami Pro. Learn the ancient Japanese art of paper folding with this app. Your little one can choose what to make from a host of traditional and non-traditional origami models. Step-by-step diagrams with easy instructions will guide him through creating ingenious items.

Simon Cow. Kids and adults alike will get hooked in this highly amusing and devilishly addictive version of the classic Simon Says memory game. Repeat the exact sequence of sounds from the different animals on the screen, which starts off really easy and soon becomes a stern test of your memory.

An online leader board keeps the highest score for whoever can remember the longest sequence, so you can see your standing against friends and other people from all over the world!

National Flags Quiz. Bond with your kids over this fun game that tests your knowledge of more than 200 national flags. National Flags Quiz has a practice mode for learning the national flags. Learn the correct answers for each flag if you get the question wrong.

A timed mode will test you on random flags around the world or by continent. Your score will be based on speed and accuracy. Submit your score to an online scoreboard and see how you fair with other players around the world.

Pixelator. Encourage your kid’s creativity with this fun and simple pixel art drawing app that lets you draw and color your art one pixel at a time! The pixel art can be saved on your phone, uploaded to image sharing site imgur, and also be set as your Lumia’s lock screen.

Draw FREE. Let their imagination come to life with this conventional finger drawing app for your Lumia. Start from scratch or draw over and add effects to an existing photo.

Your kids will also enjoy creative features, such as fun rainbow brushes and animated fills, stamps to add colorful graphics, sound effects, and warp and twist options. You can undo and redo actions and shake your phone to clear the artwork.

Hangman. This classic word game is transported on your Nokia Lumia to let today’s young generation experience the thrill of solving the puzzle. Choose from different word categories that range from basic English words, animals and colors to sports, weather and world countries. It comes in three classic themes: Pencil on paper, Chalk on blackboard, and Parchment.

Breakout. A little arcade action is sure to delight your kid. The objective of Breakout is to block the ball as it falls down the screen and use it to smash the bricks as it rebounds back up.

This free game hosts great features, such as 150 levels, different weapons and power-ups, and online scoreboards. Plus, you can even create your own game screens.

4 In A Row. This challenging game, also known as 4 in a Line or Connect 4, will test one’s strategic skills as you try to outthink your opponent. You can play the game with your kid with the two players’ mode or play against the phone. Be the first player to get four pieces of his color in a row, whether in horizontal, vertical or diagonal. This game has 8 levels of difficulty and features cool graphics and sound effects.

NumberTap. Make learning Mathematics fun for your kids. NumberTap is a competitive math game where his arithmetic skills will be tested against other players around the world for the highest scores. Tap for the answers fast, starting from easy and quickly becoming harder, as the clock ticks.

Sketch Match. This app combines the element of drawing and gaming. Your kid will be challenged to sketch an image shown within the allocated time. The better your artistic efforts are, the higher your rating will be.

Another fun way of playing this app is the ‘search by sketch’ feature. Sketch an object and hit the search button to see photos of similar items.

With these great apps for your Nokia Lumia phones, you are sure to keep kids occupied anytime and anywhere.

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