A Day with "Diana Stalder"

Ms. Dina Dela Paz Stalder (right side)

Not known to many, "Diana Stalder" is a real person. She's the daughter of  skincare expert and businesswoman Dina Dela Paz Stalder, the owner of Dermaline Facial Centers. (now known as Diana Stalder Face, Body & Skin Care Center) In a span of 3 years, it had expanded to 22 outlets, both owned & franchised.

In July 2009, Mrs. Stalder established BCP Dermatological Corporation, a professional organization that serves as the trading & marketing arm of the group. That same year, she established Stalder Laboratories Inc. to manufacture top-of-the-line products & cosmetics. They also export their product to US, UK, Singapore, Bangladesh & South Korea. BCP Dermatological Corporation has a turnover of an estimated P200 million sales annually, posting growths an an average of 38% per year for the past 3 years. Currently BCP is a formidable market leader with more than 50% market share for more than a decade.

I had the chance to visit Diana Stalder Face, Body & Skin Care Center at the Room 710, 7th Floor of the National Life Insurance Building in Ayala Avenue. I've already tried their branch in Shaw Boulevard, but this one is bigger. A wide array of their products are neatly arranged on the shelves.

A huge display of all the services/treatments and their respective price list are prominently posted on the left side of the room. From facials, peels, facial masks, non-surgical facelift, acne treatment, body scrubs/massages, bleaching, waxing & more! As you can see above, trying the services at Diana Stalder won't hurt your pocket. As I enter, I was greeted by their staff and they let me fill up a form that asks if what products I'm using on my face, etc, etc. Normally, their trained staffs will "assess" your face and will recommend the best treatment for you.

This is one of the their "facial rooms." I think they have ten (10) rooms in their Makati branch that can accommodate 2 persons at a time. Their 'bed' is comfortable and the soothing music they played at "Diana Stalder" will make you feel at ease, but for a 5'7 like me I can't stretch my legs since their bed is 'bitin', but for me that's not a big problem.

Last time, I tried their Green Tea Facial Mask (P700.00) that has green tea leaves that contain polyphenals and catechins molecules, one of their Casmara Spanish Facial Mask. But this time I'm trying the Reaffirming Mask that is made of active vegetal charcoal. They said to me that this mask absorbs impurities, fat and catabolic substances from cellular functioning.

and ....

That's me. LOL! :) I laughed when I saw my photo! You will notice that they also put the mask in the eye & mouth area just avoiding the nose area so I can breathe :) This will last up to fifteen minutes. When I ask them why they do that, they just told me that, so the effect will be seen/feel on the whole face. But of course, you can choose if you don't want the mask on your eye or mouth area.

After it was removed, my face was noticeably smooth and it tightens too. I think that's because of the active vegetal charcoal included in their mask and I liked the end results! You can try this too for P700.00 or as an add-on to your facial. The Diana Stalder Signature Facial starts at P420.00 :)

JL Santiago Aquino

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