Be A Superhero, The 'Samsung Galaxy Note' Way!

 Who hasn’t dreamt of being a superhero at some point in their lives? With larger-than-life powers, outrageous costumes, and the constant adulation of an adoring public saved yet again from the latest wave of evil mutant masterminds from outer space, it’s easy to understand the magic and mystique of the superhero fantasy.

And so, while gamma rays and radioactive spiders may be a far-flung dream for most people, Samsung, one of the world’s leading technology pioneers, recently offered a means to be one step closer to their superhero fantasies at the SM Mall of Asia Main Mall Atrium, through the Samsung Galaxy Note Studio, a hands-on exhibit where consumers can experience the stunning Samsung Galaxy Note up close.

As a special treat, the Galaxy Note Studio hosted some of the leading talents from the Philippine graphic novel industry, with such popularly- and critically-acclaimed talents as the award-winning tandem of Kajo Baldisimo and Budjette Tan from the phenomenal pop culture success “Trese,” Manix Abrera of “Kikomachine” fame, and Ian Sta. Maria, co-creator of the wildly-popular “Skyworld” series, to create superhero portraits of lucky mall-goers right on the groundbreaking Samsung Galaxy Note, showing off not just its ability as a super-device to capture big ideas on the go, but to bring superhero fantasies to life.

As the Galaxy Note combines the luxuries of a tablet with the sensibilities of a smart phone, it has changed the face of mobile communication by giving a whole new handle to capturing those “Eureka!” moments through a modern take on the pen-and-paper. Only a few months after its release, it already is one of the most desired gadgets on the market.

Embracing the Galaxy Note experience

Aimed to showcase the tablet-smartphone fusion at its best, the total Galaxy Note Studio experience roving from mall to mall is to underscores its amazing features as guests enjoyed the beats served up by a live DJ while they got their free caricature drawn by a roster of talented supporting illustrators—all done on a Samsung Galaxy Note!

Not to mention, buyers were also offered an extra discount if they decide to buy their own Galaxy Note at the event. Special prizes were up for grabs, too!

James Ong, a Surigao-based bank owner, had bought a much-hyped competitor smartphone a few days before discovering the Samsung Galaxy Note, yet didn’t hesitate to make the switch. The bigger, better, and faster gadget won him over completely. “Plus, the camera is much nicer, at 8 megapixels!” he says. “I had fun getting my caricature made at the Galaxy Note Studio as well.”

Ivan Ogrizer, on the other hand, has only been in the Philippines for one month because of his work. As he discovered the Galaxy Note, he couldn’t help but enjoy the beauty of a tablet with a mobile smartphone. “It marries the best of both worlds,” he says. “I think the S Pen is amazing.”

Discover the Galaxy Note’s powerful features

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a technological marvel that is truly designed to amaze. Despite its vividly expansive 5.3” HD Super AMOLED touch screen and blazing-fast 1.4GHz dual core processor, it weighs in at just 178g—still a perfect fit for anyone’s pocket.

But the real show-stealer from its already powerful features is Samsung’s newest advancement in pen-input technology—the S Pen—which accurately digitizes sketches, artworks, and handwritten texts to truly modernize its users’ otherwise ordinary pen-and-paper existence.

With expandable memory of up to 32GB on top of its existing 16GB storage, running out of room to create and capture is now a distant worry. And through its HSPA+ connectivity, lightning connection speeds are also made possible for browsing even the heaviest of web pages or streaming online videos.

“The Samsung Galaxy Note was designed based on how consumers generate ideas. People usually take cues from their environment, formulate ideas, and capture them through pictures, sketches, doodles, and so
on. And, now, with the Galaxy Note’s S Pen input technology, 8-megapixel camera, 1.4 GHz dual-core processor, and HSPA+ Internet speeds, these ‘Eureka!’ moments will always be easily captured and even shared from anywhere and at anytime,” Coco Domingo, Samsung’s Product Marketing Head for Mobile, says.

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