“Me and My Carrier” to Jumpstart Carrier’s 50th Year Celebrations

Concepcion-Carrier, the country’s leading provider of cooling solutions, is turning 50 years old in the Philippines this year. To celebrate half a century of pioneering cooling in the Philippines, the company is launching the “Me and My Carrier” campaign, which aims to search for the oldest working Carrier air conditioners and a chance for people to share their own Carrier experiences via its website.

According to Raul Joseph Concepcion, CEO of Concepcion-Carrier, “The ‘Me and My Carrier’ campaign is a way for us to share with the whole country the unique Carrier experience that we have been giving to our customers for the past 50 years. This contest is also a way of showing our gratitude to these customers for trusting us to cool their indoor spaces.”

Rafael C. Hechanova, Jr., Concepcion-Carrier’s Vice President added, “Carrier is one of those few brands in the whole world that produce lasting innovations passed on from one generation to the next, and they have been doing so for the last 110 years. We want to reflect this heritage in our campaign, as we search for Carrier units that have been depended on by their owners’ families and businesses for many, many years.”

Hechanova also said that when Carrier celebrated its 40th Philippine anniversary 10 years ago, the company launched a similar contest, where they discovered fully working Carrier units from their very first production line.

For “Me and My Carrier”, the owners of the top five oldest working Carrier aircons will win a brand new, top of the line 1.0 HP Carrier Designer Series aircon, the most premium window room air conditioner line. The Designer Series is known for its stylish silver and black color grilles, and intelligent cooling functions such as its Run Hour Timer, a feature that acts like a prepaid card and allows you to program the hours of your aircon usage based on your monthly budget.

Three customers also stand a chance to win the coveted 1.0 HP Carrier Designer Series aircon by sharing their fondest memories about their Carrier units, testifying against the reliability and durability of the brand. Sodexho gift certificates will be given to two other finalists as consolation prizes.

To join the oldest aircon contest, interested contestants simply need to fill out an entry form, and then upload a colored photo of his/her old Carrier unit to www.carrier.com.ph or send the entry via traditional mail. Concepcion-Carrier’s Customer Care team will then sort through all the entries, and validates and selects the winners.

Contestants who want to share their most memorable Carrier Experience can fill up the entry submission form at www.carrier.com.ph along with a photo of your unit. Accompany your entry with a short anecdote, not more than 500 words, about your fondest memory with your Carrier aircon. The entries will be posted at the Carrier website www.carrier.com.ph. The top three entries with the most votes will win the top prizes.

Hechanova said that the ‘Me and My Carrier’ campaign is just one of several exciting activities that Concepcion-Carrier has in store for customers as part of the brand’s golden anniversary in the country.

“We are very proud that Carrier has truly made its mark in the country, and that the brand and our company have given many Filipino families and businesses cool and comfortable environments for the past fifty years. We want this year to be a season of celebration, and we want our customers to join in on the fun,” Hechanova said.

The “Me and My Carrier” campaign runs from February 15, 2012 until noon of May 31, 2012. For more information, log on to www.carrier.com.ph.

JL Santiago Aquino

A millennial lifestyle blogger from Caloocan City who adores trying new things. ✨ Email: blog.ph7@gmail.com. Follow @JayL_Aquino on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Facebook.


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