Beware of Fake PROACTIV Products

Now that the Christmas Season is fast approaching, some people would go an extra mile just to earn extra money -even illegal. So when you encounter an vendor online that is selling your favorite cosmetic at half the price, think twice because those product might be illegitimate or worse, it's fake!

Consumers (especially Filipinos) are now price conscious, so below-market prices are very attractive to them. The undiscerning consumer can easily fall prey to counterfeiters, black market vendors and fly-by-night sellers.

 Proactiv Kiosk Glorietta 3 Branch
(near the entrance; infront of Body Shop, Dorothy Perkins)

One example is PROACTIV, there are handful sellers of this product which offers them at a very low price. But are we sure these are legitimate? That's why Proactiv Solution takes this opportunity to educate consumers regarding the dangers of buying from illegitimate sources and guiding them where to buy real and legitimate. Proactiv Solution is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Top American Product Solutions Inc., thru the following sales channels:

• All Watsons Stores
• All SM Department stores
• Proactiv Mall kiosks located at Glorietta, Robinsons Galleria, Trinoma, Marquee Mall, Alphaland Southgate Mall, and Eastwood Mall.
• Proactiv Hotline 729-2222 or toll free numbers
• Proactiv Online Shopping cart:

Proactiv is one of the leading solutions to acne, that's why I really have to try it out. Bloggers like me used to stayed in front of our laptops until the wee hours in the morning, and the results is some breakout on my face. I will switch to Proactiv once I finished the product I'm using now.

For your information,  Top American Products Solutions Inc. has exclusive distribution rights issued by Guthy-Renker LLC, Proactiv’s manufacturer based in the United States.

Sellers of Proactiv Solution including the kits and other line extension items such as Green Tea Moisturizer, Oil Free Moisture, Deep Cleansing Wash, Sheer Finish line among others that are not included in the list above are not authorized distributors and do not have any affiliation with Guthy-Renker.

Black market vendors who distribute Proactiv Solution pose the following risks to consumers:

1. It is likely that the products they sell are Fakes or Counterfeit Proactiv products. They do not have any documentation to support that the product they are selling are genuine, since they do not have License to Import the genuine product issued by the Bureau of Customs, with each batch of imports to be cleared with the FDA Certificate of Product Registration.

Fake Proactiv can cause adverse reactions from simple irritation to life-threatening effects. Fake cosmetics might contain banned ingredients that may cause a multitude of diseases

2. The products are smuggled into the country. Since these vendors do not have documentation, they resort to smuggling goods. This is the reason why many black market vendors can undercut legitimate prices, they smuggled the goods and never paid the duties and taxes that should have gone to funding for the government for the protection of consumers.

So when you come across a very cheap supplier of any Proactiv Solution products do not be easily attracted by the lower price, as you might end up overpaying for a fake, smuggled, unwarranted item. You have been warned!

JL Santiago Aquino

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