Kris Aquino in "DALAW"

Kris Aquino Once Again Shows Why She is the Queen of Horror Movies in "Dalaw"

Kris Aquino returns to the big screen with a new movie titled ‘Dalaw’ which is an entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Kris has earned the title as the ‘Queen of Horror’ after starring in two landmark box office scare flicks, Feng Shui in 2004 and Sukob in 2006. In Dalaw, Kris again collaborates with Star Cinema who also produced both Feng Shui and Sukob. Dalaw is also a joint production with Cinemedia and MJM Productions and is directed by Dondon Santos.

With the success of Feng Shui and Sukob, Kris believes she has found her niche as an actress in the horror genre. “Kasi as a performer you would know where you shine best. I got to work with the best, and I’d like to pay tribute to Direk Chito Rono and Star Cinema.”

In Feng Shui, Kris portrayed a wife and mother who got seduced by wealth, but in the end paid the price when she was haunted by grim misfortunes. In Sukob, she played a newlywed who terrifyingly eluded the horrors brought about by her cursed wedding. Now in Dalaw, Kris faces the challenge of giving life to a very complex persona. “I play Stella who was a widow and then remarried. This is the complication starts. Stella of Dalaw has a more malalim approach as far as the woman’s characterization is concerned.”

In doing the movie, Kris shares she drew inspirations from her personal experiences in the past six years, since first making Feng Shui, to play another central female character in a horror movie. “Characterization-wise buong-buo ‘yung character ni Stella, ‘yung role ko dito, kasi siguro rin at this point in the past six years ang dami nang napagdaanan ng buhay ko so mas marami na kong maibibigay.”

With much integrity and credibility as a TV host, movie star and product endorser, Kris asks her fans to support Dalaw in the same way that they had supported most of her past projects. “Siguro malakas naman ang kredibilidad ko po sa inyong lahat dahil lahat naman ng produkto at lahat ng kandidato na kinampanya ko ay nagtiwala kayo, sana magtiwala kayo sa akin na Dalaw will be an unforgettable movie experience for all of you because for me this is already one of my best.”

Dalaw also stars Diether Ocampo, Empress Shuck, Alessandra de Rossi, Karylle, Ina Feleo, Susan Africa and Ms. Gina Pareno, and premieres in theaters nationwide tomorrow, December 25.

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