Blurring the Mundane and Monstrous: by: THEATER produces their first ever live production “MATAKOT KA SA…”


Matakot ka sa… Saan nga ba? 

by: THEATER (byTE) is a production house composed of student-artists under the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s Theater Arts Program and Production Design Program. The company serves to reinforce existing Filipino societal issues and strengthen its artistry, heritage, and culture

"MATAKOT KA SA..." is a metaphor for the Philippine's political climate. It is a statement of chaos and a wake up call for the characters and audience on who we should fear literally and figuratively. The play tackles how each character wears and faces their fears. As the title presents, it evokes a test of morals and beliefs. 

As Filipino folklore is known, in the play, these creatures tell their struggles mirroring mundane "human” lives. As Numputul disrupts the peace in the barrio because of hunger, Tikbalang and Nuno will unravel the reasons for their silence and power, beyond what their identity is known for, particularly in voicing their issues. 

"MATAKOT KA SA..." premieres live on December 7, 2022 & December 13, 2022 at 6/F Blackbox Theater, Design and Arts Campus, Benilde School of Arts, Culture, and Performance and will be streaming via starting December 14 until December 21, 2022

In a world where mythical creatures are humanized, how do we distinguish the good and the evil? Maybe humans are not so different from these creatures after all. 

For more information on “MATAKOT KA SA…”, you may contact the following: 


Eunice Earnhart Basilio 

Head of External Relations 



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