7 Tips for Holding Budget-Friendly Celebrations

As Filipinos, we are not ones to miss a celebration. From birthdays to christenings, there’s always an event that we believe is worth gathering for. That said, some of us may feel hindered by budget constraints that keep us from making once-in-a-lifetime events extra special.

However, with the right diskarte, it’s possible to celebrate in a more affordable way. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, a preschooler’s graduation, or a coworker’s send-off, there are plenty of ways to commemorate important events without breaking the bank. To help you out, here are a few tips on how you can put up a budget-friendly celebration:

Plan in Advance

Planning your celebrations ahead is a good practice, regardless of the amount of money you can or plan to spend. Before officially starting preparations, make sure to set a reasonable budget and keep it aligned with your priorities. Do you require lots of seating for guests, or is food a more important factor? Is the celebrant flexible when it comes to the venue or do they want to celebrate in a specific place? Having an overview of what your celebration needs can help you properly allocate funds and decide which minor details you can do without. Rather than having live music on the big day, for example, maybe you can opt for a traditional Pinoy celebration and have a karaoke party instead.

Besides balancing your priorities, it’s also best to determine your options for extra funding. Perhaps you can crowdsource or give up your streaming subscriptions weeks before the event. If you don’t want to give up small luxuries, you can secure an online loan Philippines-based party planners favor when it comes to securing funds. Ideally, you should go for lenders that have flexible terms, a quick application process, and easy claiming options to make your planning a lot smoother.

Opt for Simple Decor

When it comes to venue decorations, simple doesn’t have to mean drab. In the lead-up to the event, consider browsing through mood boards online to get inspiration for your intended aesthetic. If you already have holiday decor in the house, you can reuse them or spruce them up with a little DIY magic. For instance, you can collect items such as leaves, branches, stones, or flowers if you prefer an earthy, natural look to your decor.

Invite Family and Friends to Contribute

Big-budget events often require the services of professionals such as planners, caterers, or maybe even hair and makeup artists. If you only have limited funding for the special day, you can get your guests to participate in the preparations. Get your loved ones to contribute to tasks such as decorating, preparing the food, and designing giveaways and invitations. Having loved ones help out will not only give you the benefit of extra hands, but also create opportunities to bond and make your event a more personal one.

Home-Cook Your Menu

Opting for food delivery services or catering can be quite costly and impractical, especially for small celebrations that don’t require a large attendance. If you have a knack for cooking, consider whipping up tasty meals for your guests. You can also enlist the help of loved ones, especially those who are masters in the kitchen. 

If you’re going to DIY your event meals, it’s best to curate a tried-and-tested menu. Having a go-to menu will make it easier for you to shop for groceries and prepare the food on the day itself.

Get Crafty and Practical on Giveaways and Invitations

If you’re holding an event that requires providing giveaways, you can skip the pricey knickknacks and create your own. For example, you can set aside some time to bake cookies or make polymer clay pins for guests. Additionally, you can give away small, practical items instead of decorative ones. Items such as ballpoint pens and coffee mugs are more useful to your guests and can help you save on party expenses. 

Of course, planning giveaways also requires a dash of creativity. Consider browsing through arts and crafts websites for tips on how to level up the packaging and personalized invitations. However, you can also go more modern with your announcements and invite people via social media. There’s no limit to how you do your invitations online, as long as your announcement communicates the vibe of the celebration.

Keep an Eye Out for Bargains

Aside from creativity, the key to putting together a budget-friendly party is resourcefulness. Essentially, this means not counting out other ways to get your event essentials. For one, you can scour the mall, department store, or online shops for sales and discounts. However, you can also drop by tiangges or outlet stores to score affordable decoration materials, giveaway items, and event-appropriate attire if necessary. It takes a bit of skill and luck to score quality items, but it’s always worth a shot!

Remember That It’s All About the Memories

At its core, planning events is about making fond memories with the people in your life. Beyond social and traditional obligations, celebrations should serve as a break from everyday routines to celebrate what truly matters in life. No matter how big or small, our milestones deserve a day just for appreciating how far we’ve come.

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