Create your own Leader with WIDW 2022: Design for leading.

This year, join the Benildean Industrial Designers (BIND) in spearheading the biggest local celebration of World Industrial Day (WIDD)! BIND proudly presents World Industrial Design Week 2022: Design to Lead! This event aims to create leaders who will create ripples in the design industry, setting a whole new standard in character leadership!

Create your own leader this July 4-8, 2022! Reflecting on over six decades of leading design for the betterment of the world, the World Design Organization’s theme of “Leadership” has paved the way for producing leaders in various design industries. BIND has invited speakers from the local and international scene to share their expertise as leaders of their respective industries— sculpting, product development, brand development, and graphic design. Among them are Michael Barry and Michelle Jia of Quotient Design Research, designer Armie Pasa of The General Studio, and multi-disciplinary visual artist, Anina Rubio. The event offers a total of 12 talks and 3 workshops for students and designers to test out their leadership!

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