Malasimbo: A Benefit Concert

 Last February 24, 2022, UP College of Medicine’s Regionalization Students Organization held Malasimbo: A Benefit Concert. The event, part of Hinugyaw: RSO Week 2022, was co-headed by Iya de Claro and Almira Vergara, with the support of RSO Week overall heads Cidne Carles and Nicole Biglete.

Malasimbo takes its name from the Malasimbo Music and Arts festival celebrated in Mindoro. People usually flock to Puerto Galera from other parts of the Philippines and the world in order to enjoy the festival. Apart from promoting music and arts, it also aims to protect indiginous people and place importance on taking care of the environment. 

The benefit concert’s goal was to raise money for the operations of its beneficiary, Save Our Schools Network, in their continuous support to the Lumad communities. SOS Network helps displaced Lumad children to continue their studies despite the threats of violence and land destruction faced by their community. The funds collected from the event will be used for the Lumad children’s needs for online classes, including gadgets and internet allowance. 

The event started with an opening message from RSO’s Chairperson, Aya Dicali, followed by a message from Save Our Schools Network. SOS Network was able to impart the important message that continuing education is pivotal in the growth of the Lumad children. They were also able to speak up about how they ended up creating the organization, as well as the challenges they faced and are facing with their advocacy. 

Afterwards, five UP College of Medicine students shared their talents to the audience through their song numbers. Performers included Marie Corsine Uy, Elka Pagliawan, Emae Del Mundo, Iya de Claro, and Marlo Senador. RSO Band, consisting of RSO members, then performed a set of three songs. After the student performances, the invited bands then played their 10- to 15-minute sets. The featured acts included Granny Lee, Lucy, Save the Youth, and The Ridleys. 

The benefit concert was able to raise Php 15,591.00 for SOS Network. The many students and guests who were able to watch the concert had a lot of fun, coming out of the concert wearing smiles on their faces and adding new artists and songs to their Spotify playlists. Overall, the event was a success, not only for the organizers, but also for the beneficiary. 

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