A Lesson Learned from a Pancreatic Cancer Patient

Adulting is hard. Aside from the bills that you need to pay on a monthly basis, there are many other things that you need to spend on. This is the reason why most Filipinos neglect the importance of insurance in their lives. Most of them think that paying life insurance is just “added gastos” on their growing list of monthly dues.

But what if that “dagdag-gastos” can save your family in the future? Is it worth the investment? Of course!

That realization came to me when I recently met my former classmate, Herbert, after long years we haven’t seen each other.

Herbert shared that his wife succumbed to pancreatic cancer few months back. It was tough because she left him with 4 children. He admitted to have a low-paying job but he strive hard to make it through.

My classmate is not a believer of having an insurance, fortunately his wife does. His wife set aside a few hundreds to pay for their insurance premium monthly without the knowledge of my classmate. She chose a familiar name, Cocolife as their insurer.

A non-believer, Herbert now appreciate the importance of insurance when he received his claims from Cocolife branch in SM City Lipa. The claim check worth P440,000.00 was released and formally handed over to the beneficiaries. This is such a big help for their family especially in this difficult time. Imagine if his wife didn’t have any life insurance at all?

Her wife availed of a Cocolife Future Savings Platinum policy in 2013 as she wanted to secure a better future for her family. And she did.

I don’t think it has to be expensive to be insured. There are insurance plans we can choose according to our budget. We don’t know what will happen in the future so its better be safe than sorry.

Let us do it now. Find the right insurance option for you, visit Cocolife website at https://www.cocolife.com/.

JL Santiago Aquino

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