Filipino-Norwegian Karin Melón says “I Said Yes” to the love of her life with the first single from her debut album «Ups & Downs»

Norwegian-Filipino multi-instrumentalist and rapper Karin Melón, gets personal about the love of her life. With latin piano rhythms, Karin expresses her love with sing-along lyrics and a feelgood vibe. While this single is from her debut album she has previously released the provocative collaboration “Sug meg (Suck Me)” (2015) featuring 5 other female hiphop artists. Last year she released “Serious” (2017), with a summer vibe that marked the first release towards her new musical direction inspired by gospel, soul and Filipino music. She is a known figure in the Norwegian hiphop community and had a cameo in the NRK documentary “Takin Ova – The History of Norwegian Hiphop” (2017) and an interview in the Norwegian book “New Hiphop heads” (2018) from well known music author Øyvind Holen.

Karin Melón is an independent rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist. “Ups & Downs” is an autobiographic debut album with 9 tracks with a release date of March 6th 2020. It tells the story of Melón’s experiences as a only child, with a Filipino mother and an absent father in a foreign country. According to Karin the subjects in her album took her on a journey of feelings through love, anxiety, loneliness, feeling outside and the eternal chase for happiness.

“You know I speak my mind. No matter what. I know you still love me. Even if I’m complaining. Even if I’m frustrating. Even if I get grumpy. I know. No matter what. You will still love me! “ - Karin Melón

“I Said Yes” is released on July 12th with “You Try” following up on August 23rd.

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