Top 10 things to do in BATANES

Photo Credit: Jun Villegas

Don’t get discouraged by the small size of Batanes. As the northernmost region of the Philippines is made of 10 great islands with miles and miles of areas to explore. Batanes is indeed an interesting area as it experienced plenty of invasions and interventions by the Japanese, Spaniards, and Americans. Still, Batanes has developed its own character and a unique deity. Take advantage of Jetstar online booking platform to get some great deals and plan a holiday to Batanes.

The natural beauty of Batanes with those green mountains and sprawling hills cannot be truly be expressed in words. You have to be here to see it and experience it. Book flights from Manila to Batanes right away to explore the region filled with lagoons, caves, and beaches.

Now that you have reached Batanes, you should be aware as to what to do and see here. So, here is a brief list of the best things to enjoy in Batanes.

Take a tour of Sabtan Island - Explore the island to see the amazing topography and jaw-dropping views of the islands. There are cliffs and rolling hills everywhere. You can drive around to see other interesting sights like Chavayan Village which is famous for its preserved stone houses and the Sabtang Light House.

Rent a bike - The bikes, and motorcycles are popular means of transportation in Batanes. The roads are very good, and it is easy to navigate the area even without a guide. Even if you need help, the locals are always there to help you out. Biking is highly recommended as the road trips are meaningful.

See the Japanese Tunnel – Well known as the Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel, the tunnel was built during World War II. The Japanese ordered the local Batanes to build the 5-door tunnel. Explore the creepy and mysterious tunnel and climb to the hilltop to enjoy breathtaking views of the island.

Photo Credit: Jun Villegas

Stay at Fundacion Pacita Lodge – It is must to stay here at the Fundacion Pacita Lodge, and every morning you wake up you find yourself surrounded by a landscape and an emerald pasture that overlooks the ocean. Drink a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise from your room.

Visit the Mt. Carmel Chapel – Also known as the Tukon Church; the church was built by Butch Abad for his late parents. The architecture of the church is inspired by Ivatan traditional houses made of boulders and some materials. There are six large paintings of patron saints inside the church.

Trek to Mt. Iraya - Mt. Iraya is a tall volcano that is located in the town of Basco. The outdoor enthusiasts and hikers love to climb Mt. Iraya as it is not very challenging. You will go through dense forests and when you reach the top, you will find yourself inside the clouds.

Boat ride to Sabtang – Ride on a traditional boat, faluwaf or your Sabtang adventure. The ride can be wild and crazy depending on the weather. You might even get stranded on the island if the waves are too rough, but the experience is worth it.

A trip to Tayid Lighthouse – The tall, 6-story Lighthouse looks like a Dutch postcard. It is located next to a small cottage and carries a rusty red roof that contrasts with the brilliant green meadow around.

Swim at Homoron Blue Lagoon – The Homoron Blue Lagoon and its stunning turquoise waters are indeed like a hidden paradise. This is a great spot if you are looking for a good swim. Take your camera along as the lagoon is highly Instagram-worthy.

Do try the seafood – Batanes boasts of many good restaurants, and Pension Ivatan Restaurant is one of them. It is a must to try the kare kare and bulalo as well as Tatus or Coconut crabs.  Call in advance to order your food

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