6 countries where Filipinos can travel visa-free

Filipinos by nature are wanderlust. We love exploring, traveling, discovering and experiencing the thrill. We have a knack for anything adventurous. And because we love to go out, sometimes extensive processing of paperwork can be tiresome and expensive for us. Good thing, ASEAN allows its member states’ citizens to go to and fro of each country without a visa as part of its initiative to building one ASEAN community. Less process, less hassle and more time to plan things ahead. But which countries are really visa-free for us Filipinos?

Below are six countries that have confirmed visa-free arrangements with the Philippines.


Been a popular choice for travelers because of its preserved natural wonders. As the last official member of the ASEAN and its late integration to the global community, Laos is still developing infrastructurally. This means natural formations are barely touched and historic sites less developed. Budget and experience wise, Laos is a good place to visit. The visa usually allows 30 days of tourist visit anywhere in the country.

Laos is also well-known for its spectacular Buddhist temples such as Pha Tha Luang, Wat Xieng Thong and Pak Ou caves where most buddha miniatures are housed.


One of the most economically developed and clean countries in Southeast Asia. Bragging aplenty of five-star hotels, casinos and entertainment establishments, Indonesia has become a popular go-to of tourists as it boasts state of the art establishments such as the gardens by the bay, Marina Bay, Clark Quay, and Universal studio. The emergence of it as a fast-paced cosmopolitan country has really caught the interest of many. The country also takes pride in the rich confluence of Chinese and Indian gastronomic delights. Filipinos can stay here visa-free for 30 days either for tourist or business purposes.   


Popular for its spicy cuisines, you can now stay in Thailand for 30 days as a tourist. Home for many temples and ancient ruins, the country boasts of a rich religious tradition of Buddhism. Adorned with gold and colossal Buddha statues, it is widely visited not just for this but also for its royal family who continues to have a hold to every Thai until today. It also houses tropical beaches like Phi Phi islands, Ko Samui, and some in Phuket Province. Floating markets are also a thing here for tourists and locals alike.  


A true remnant of the American war. The country boasts of its historic sites, camps, tunnels, and man-made structures mainly for the war. If you are a history savvy, you would not want to miss this out. With strong Buddhist roots, several pagodas dot the city like Baid Dinh, Dai Tong Lam, and Giac Lam distributed in several provinces of the country.  As a tourist, you can marvel at these religious temples and Cu Chi tunnels for 21 days. Popular tourist beaches are here too like Ha log bay, Phu Quoc, and Hoan Kiem Lake to name a few.


If you have got a knack to becoming like Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones, do not miss Cambodia. Popular for the historical ruins in Phnom Pehn, the capital of the city is frequently visited by all tourists worldwide. The thrill of entering these historic sites brings back all the thrill you have from watching archaeological films. But wait Cambodia has more to offer! If you are up for a 30-meter climb, you better visit Koh Ker in Siem Reap. It is a breathtaking experience as you are surrounded by exotic forests and a vast expanse of field. The country also houses the biggest Hindu Temple – Angkor Wat, which is also in the same area of Siem Reap.  You have 21 days to enjoy all of this.


The home of the Komodo dragons. Densely populated by volcanic islands, the country has different unique land and water forms. Home to a lot of ethnic groups, the country is culturally diverse and historically rich in tradition, food, music, and traditional puppetry. The country boasts of its biodiversity with its orangutans, savannah tigers, and elephants which freely lurks into the jungles. Free from harm and poaching. Buddhism also traces its roots here in the iconic and historic Borobudur temple.   

There are other countries not on this list. Expect more to come as Southeast Asian countries continue to integrate into a community. Don’t forget to make sure that your passport is still valid for 6 months prior to booking any trip to avoid hassles.

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