Achieve that perfect artsy selfie with the VIVO V5 Plus’ bokeh effect

 With its dual front camera, the Vivo V5 Plus can perfect the bokeh effect, the art of blurring the background of a photo artistically.

In this age of selfies, netizens enthusiastically take self-shots with camera-focused phones and continually seek ways of enhancing these through filters and editing—deemed essential for creating beautiful, share-worthy selfies.

Now comes Vivo V5 Plus from top five premium global brand Vivo. Called the perfect selfie phone, it is equipped with the world’s first dual front camera, which helps you shoot artsy selfies with ease.

The perfect selfie phone features a primary 20-megapixel Sony IMX376 dual front camera and a secondary camera at 8 megapixels, which collects depth-of-field information.

Because of its dual front camera, the Vivo V5 Plus is able to create a true “bokeh” effect. Bokeh, favored by photography- and selfie enthusiasts, is the aesthetic quality produced when out-of-focus parts of an image are blurred.

The term “bokeh” is of Japanese origin, from the word “boke,” which means blur or haze. Creating a “good” bokeh—or a blur that is pleasing to the eye—is tough. In the past, the technique requiredthe use of an advanced digital camera with special lens, according to photography website

Smartphone-camera-wielding selfie enthusiasts eventually resorted to editing for adding a beautiful blur effect to photos.

With the Vivo V5 Plus perfect selfie phone now rocking the selfie generation, producing a good bokeh effect in your selfies and other photos is as easy as a single tap on the capture button.

Selfies can now have the aesthetic bokeh effect of the Vivo V5 Plus, with the details of the selfie sharp and clear, and the background blurred beautifully.

Vivo V5 Plus’ bokeh effect will soon be a highly covetable feature. At least 200 engineers from Vivo and its partner organizations spent eight months studying the algorithm behind blurring effects to develop a highly accurate algorithm ideal for portrait shots.This defines objects in such a way that the details in focus are artfully separated from the background.

The Vivo engineers also did research on the blurring effects of 96 types of large aperture SLR camera lenses and simulated each of these lenses in the algorithm of the Vivo V5 Plus dual front cameras. Then special enhancements were added to achieve good results in various lighting situations.

With Vivo’s research and development centers, the brand continually studies and improves selfie technology and other smartphone aspects. In fact, in its effort to improve smartphone technologies for its consumers, Vivo has two new research centers in California—one in Silicon Valley and another in San Diego.

The Vivo V5 Plus from top five premium global brand Vivo is equipped with a 20-megapixel dual front camera co-engineered with Sony, able to produce the best possible selfies to date.

Now, with Vivo V5 Plus’ advanced selfie technology, your artsy selfies will look like they were captured by a professional photographer.

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