6 New Technology Advances You Should Use When Looking for a Home

Thanks to the Internet, Pinoys and perhaps the rest of the world, have been ushered into the age of instant gratification. We aspire immediate results when we covet something and do not hesitate to voice our opinions out when there’s something that inconveniences us to get what we want.

But just as technology provides as a platform for people to voice out their frustration, technology has also provided opportunities to people to overcome inconveniences to get what they want, like a home to call their own. To an OFW looking to provide a home to his family from miles away, a foreigner engaged to a Filipina and is eager to settle in the Philippines, an employee who is looking to retire in the next couple of years, or a yuppie looking to start a family in the city, these technology advances increase their chances on getting the right property match, as compared to listing sites.

But what are these technology advances that have made buying a condo, house and lot, or townhouse in the Philippines a whole lot easier? ZipMatch, a Philippine property matching platform, has all six of these on its site:

1. 360 Virtual Tours on all ready for occupancy (RFO) properties

The beauty of virtual tours allow people miles away or do not have the luxury of time to do trippings to make executive decisions without relying solely on stock image-filled ads or from people who may not have the same interests as the homebuyers’ (e.g. broker, sales agent). These virtual tours show a 360 view about the actual property and the neighborhood surrounding it without needing to visit the area. If you want to reside in the beautiful landscape of the south, this house and lot in Cavite will not just offer you a virtual tour but will also offer you the key to the happiness of your dream house.

2. Comprehensive information about a condo, townhouse and house and lot, all in one, single Property Page.

What separates a Property Page to a typical property listing? A Property Page aims to provide key information homebuyers often miss asking when doing a home search, such as:

Does this condo allows pets? What internet service provider (ISP) the condo allows connection to? Does this townhouse unit have a 2-car garage? Does this house and lot in a subdivision managed by a homeowners’ association? 3. You can check and view Nearby Projects in a single click (or tap on a smartphone).

Instant gratification, in effect, has influenced service providers to make things simpler and easier for their customers. On ZipMatch, its map feature now allows homebuyers to check Nearby Projects and compare property units available for sale based on their budget, square meter per value, or amenities, among other things.

4. Search Property Preference is now done Smart.

Technology allows automation of anticipating people’s needs, way before they key it in. Instead of getting faced with hundreds of search results showing duplicate, and sometimes incomplete property listings, homebuyers are given options to view summaries of the property listings on the search results page. They are also given power to edit how the search results should be shown, whether they are either listed in the order of their property prices, the number of bedrooms, floor area, the number of baths, or per property building.

5. Property Scout and User-generated Reviews are now given more weight.

Because people crave for authenticity, user-generated feedback and reviews are often favored more than the home seller’s description. They count more because they provide unbiased truths about a particular property, and even the property management. Homebuyers even remember fellow users’ reviews more than the developer’s description of the property, and eagerly trust a property matching platform that empowers them to share their opinion about the properties in question.

6. You gain more knowledge, ideas or answers to even the most difficult problems in real time.

Some blogs nowadays act as niche platforms themselves that engages customers about a particular topic. For a homebuyer who is requiring an answer to a particular question, he can get the answer he or she needs from fellow commenters who may have similar experiences and have insights or workarounds to solve the issue at hand, all without necessarily waiting for a response from the author or expert. 

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