Water From Air? Here's How!

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70% of Earth is water, but why most of us have have insufficient drinking water? Because of the fact that 97% of that water is undrinkable salt water and we are left with 3% fresh water and more than half of that is inaccessible because it is locked in the polar ice caps. Only 1% of the world's freshwater or ~0.007% of all water on earth is accessible for direct human uses.

World Bank said that $600 billion is invested in water delivery systems. United Nations has announced a worldwide water shortage and predicted that with current demands, supply of fresh ground water will run out by 2025. Scientists have warned of the impending water shortage and constructive steps are being taken, but many of the popular methods to achieve pure drinking water are expensive and wasteful.

ECOLEADERS Incorporated, a global distributor of eco-friendly and green solution products, offer solutions that is environmentally safe and inexpensive. They're the exclusive Philippine Distributor of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) manufactured by the American company, ECOLOBLUE. Their Atmospheric Water Generators capture the moisture from outside air and turns it into the purest, healthiest and highly oxygenated drinking water available on earth. In the process of removing moisture from outside air, the air is dehumidified and cooled making it ideal air to add into indoor environments.

The product systems serve several purposes: making water, dehumidifying the air, conditioning outside air and effectively purifying indoor air.

Atmospheric Water Generators

An Atmospheric Water Generator is an appliance that employs dehumidification/condensing technology that extracts water from the humidity in the air. The water is then filtered and purified through several filters including carbon, and reverse osmosis, and UV sterilization lights. The result is pure drinking water from the air. This technology is often referred to water from air, water from humidity, air water maker or air water generator.

AWGs produce unlimited, pure, delicious drinking water from just the humidity in the air. Their machines utilize a cutting-edge, proprietary technology –the most efficient, and energy conscious condensers available today– to extract more moisture from the atmosphere, quicker and more efficient than any comparable machine.

Earth's atmosphere contains more water than it's vast oceans. 8 miles straight-up of untapped atmosphere just waiting to contribute to life on Earth. Until now, it was a mere fantasy to harness that unlimited, and renewable natural resource. The AWGs bring the previously unfathomable idea of limitless, sustainable, and portable hydration to the masses.

Every single day, we waste an embarrassing amount of plastic in the form of bottles, cups and other containers. This doesn't need to be the case. One of the main benefits of producing your own water from the air around you, is you no longer rely on the hundreds of millions of plastic water bottles and cups we use every day.

 ECO30: Up to 30 liters of pure water per day; 13.5 Liters internal storage capacity; 12-stage filtration process with 3 UV lights.

As scary as it sounds, our municipal water supplies are not as safe as we think. In every city, around the World, varying levels of harmful chemicals are found in our "tap" water, including everything from arsenic, to prescription drugs and even human hormones. The Atmospheric Water Generators let you bypass that completely, cleaning your air in the process.

These machines can easily be "plugged in" to existing water sources, too. And the unique 12-stage filter process will make sure that every last chemical, down to the microscopic level, is filtered out. Leaving you with only pure, and delicious water. On demand.

The Atmospheric Water Generators are designed to work seamlessly with any power source. Including solar, wind, and gas-powered generators.

Is There Enough Water in the Air? 

There are 3.1 quadrillion gallons of water in the atmosphere at any given time. The average humidity in your home or office is 50%. Sufficient water can be generated with humidity as low as 35%. Our appliances extract humidity from the atmosphere through a state-of-the-art, proprietary condensation process and transforms it into absolutely 99.9% pure and healthy drinking water.

The Atmospheric Water Generators extract pure, perfect, delicious drinking water straight from the air. Unlike other Atmospheric Water Generators, ours are state-of-the-art in every way. All the components are the most advanced, and highest quality available anywhere in the World.

The AWGs is a humidity and temperature-driven machine. This means that the machine's ability to generate water depends entirely on the level of the humidity and atmospheric temperature. To achieve optimum performance, the indicated relative humidity should be at least 50% or more.

The residential unit performs well in air-conditioned room or homes. Because the Atmospheric Water Generator works by converting humidity in the air to water, the residential unit also acts as an effective dehumidifier. To ensure high quality of drinking water produced, Atmospheric Water Generator utilizes multiple filtration technologies.

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