NURTURE SPA Village Tagaytay: An Ideal Venue for Glamping & Teambuilding



Hailed as one of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia by CNN Go & one of the Top Seven Spas of the Philippines by Asia Spa Magazine, NURTURE SPA VILLAGE TAGAYTAY, is no doubt the perfect place in Tagaytay if you want to be relaxed & be pampered.

I've been to this haven for 3 times now. This time we're trying their new offering, GLAMPING which is short for Glamorous Camping. :) At first I'm thinking Nurture Spa coined the word glamping, but not. A quick Google search revealed that glamping is popular worldwide especially in UK. who says camping is boring? at Nurture Spa it's fun!

“Glamping” is total ecotherapy combined with comfort and fun. Their Glamping Package combines the relaxing, therapeutic wellness experience of Nurture Spa with the fun of camping outdoors.Safe, secure and hassle free, the Glamping package includes overnight accommodations in a spacious tent outfitted with comfortable mattresses and amenities.

 Nurture Spa's resident chef will prepare a ready to grill barbecue platter for you. A camp butler sets up the bonfire and barbeque pit and is available to assist you with anything you need. The Glamping activity also includes traditional Filipino games. Families and friends can have fun glamping while also getting the therapeutic benefits of Nurture Spa’s treatments.

We leave around 10:45AM in Manila, and we arrived in Nurture Spa around 11:55AM. We were welcomed by Ms. Catherine Brillantes-Turvill, owner of Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay. Ms. Cathy is an internationally licensed therapist (CIBTAC, UK) and the President of PhilWell: Philippine Wellness and Spa Association and a board member of the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition, TIEZA (Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority), HEAL Philippines (Health Alliance of the Philippines), PHILTOA (Philippine Tour Operators Association) and she's also the EVP of the Tagaytay Tourism Council. She's also the author of "CHOICES" book. Read more about her book here:

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay's Organic Farm.

After the talk with Ms. Cathy Turvill, we had a short tour around Nurture Spa Village. Most photos of our tour are featured on the first part of this blog post. ;) This is also the first I saw their "Hardin Panggamot." They also toured us to their different rooms. I saw their Ifugao Houses, Deluxe Rooms & Superior Rooms and their Family Rooms. You can see these below:

Lunch time at Tan'aw Bar! :)

for starter, I had Tagaytay Green Salad plus Pumpkin Soup.


main dish: Herb Rose Chicken, Pan Fried Fish Fillet with Herb Pesto.

Mango Crepe for dessert. :)

As we eat our lunch. We were told that we can eat these wheatgrass as is. 
So I tried to chew some! Yum :-P

After our lunch, we rest a little, then I tried their Standard DMS HealthScan machine. Digital Meridian System is a sub-health measurement system based on Traditional Chinese Medicines 12 Meridian AcuPoint Theory or the Qi Level of our body, and in a form of western software technology. This machine can detect not only ailments but also the condition of your body just by using sensor attached to the computer to scan your body. It has an accuracy of up to 90%, which makes it cost effective, painless, and non-invasive. It also helps in the early detection of sicknesses and promotes a habit of what you call Preventive Healthcare Management for every individual. Then, the results will be posted on the laptop attached on the device. To see my result, click on the 4 photos above.

Digital Meridian System provides an overview of Total Energy Level, Mental State, Metabolism, Muscle, Joints, Bone index, Autonomic Nerves Status, 8 Physiological Functions covering Respiratory, Alimentary, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Urogenital & Immunity Systems including Liver & Kidney functions as well as Anti-oxidant index. This is the first time I tried this machine and I'm actually afraid what will be the result. Good thing all the results are normal, except for my liver which according to them, I have to take care of. :-(


Next, is of course MASSAGE! :) I've always looking forward to their relaxing massage whenever I visit Nurture Spa. I've tried their Arugâ (1 hour – PHP 1,400.00) massage. A wonderful relaxation using Tranquility Massage Oil – a soothing blend of benzoin, cedar wood and grapefruit essential oils to relieve anxiety and tension, giving you a sense of deep calm and relaxation.

Before the massage, they will let you fill up a form where you can input your special needs. First, the therapist, introduced herself to me then she washes my feet and soak it in a special solution, and scrub it a little. They're using the traditional Filipino massage technique known as hilot, and they're using a special massage oils made from pure therapeutic essential oils, blended by Spa Essentials, their sister companies which supplies to five star spas & top hotel. These oils is really soothing and has a mild, calming scent. After 60 minutes of kneading, tapping and rubbing, it was pure bliss!

After the uber de-stressing massage. I enjoyed this Mango Suman and Tsokolate. :)

At around 6PM, we gathered at Salo' Pavillion to attend a fun "Healthy Cooking Preparation" with Chef Lawrence of Nurture Spa. He teaches us delish but healthy dishes like Malunggay + Mango, Kalabasa Noodles, Saluyot + Honey, Cucumber Pomodoro, Wheatgrass + Honey, etc. This is perfect especially if you have a children that don't eat veggies. Using these ingredients together, they'll never knew that they're eating veggies! Blender will be your BFF!

Then we head upstairs to Pulong Room for a short "Welness Talk" c/o Ms. Cathy Turvill. What I've learned is about C.H.O.I.C.E.S. This is the key to longer, and healthier life.

 C is for Choose your outlook. Manage your stress. 
H is for hydrate, healthy eating. 
O is for Oxygenate (Excercise, Movement)
 I is for Immune Boost with Natural Supplements. 
C is for Cleanse your Body & Mind. E is for embrace natural theraphies. 
and S - is for Sleep, Social & Spiritual Support System.

At around 7:30 we head to our glamping site to explore our tents. This is where the bonfire, BBQ, and dinner is waiting! There's wine too.Yay, fun! :) Each tent is complete with toiletries like towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo & soaps. They have power plugs too where I can charge my gadgets. We didn't sleep yet and just enjoyed endless chitchats and laughter. Our tents has no fan but, the cool breeze of Tagaytay makes up for it.

The best part of the night is the uber fun swimming at their pool. Although the water is cold we managed to stay for more than an hour. LOL! After taking shower we all sleep with smiling faces, ready to face the next morning.

The next day, I woke up at 6AM! (miracle haha) and felt so relaxed & energized. As I check my emails, I enjoyed this Tsokolate Ala Eh.  

What i like best at Nurture Spa aside from their serene and relaxing atmosphere is their fast wifi :) Although I have 3G connection their wifi is good enough for my Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, and Facebook status updates. I can't believe almost all my Nurture Spa pictures has been "liked" more than 100 times on Instagram :)

brekkie: Batangas Beef Tapa, Egg, Garlic Rice + Fruits = Happiness :D

After being recharged by the sumptuous breakfast, we head on to the Kampo Sambila activity area to have the QI GONG Sessions w/ teacher Hannah Holzgreve from Germany. QI GONG is an ancient Chinese breathing exercise that is used up to now. This breathing & stretching exercise really help enhance my well-being and removed all the stress, too. Really relaxing, I should do it more often! 

I also had fun at the Laughter Yoga at my first try! when I first heard about laughter yoga on TV last year I've think that the idea is silly, but that exercise is sooo enjoyable! Can't wait to do it again. ;)
  left photo c/o Carl Valenzona via

Then, we started with the 9-Step Nurture Spa Well-Fit Parcours, also with teacher Hannah Holzgreve. Well-Fit Parcours is a 9 Station Exercise Circuit, these stations are scattered around Nurture Spa. A Perfect Teambuilding activity! We are in the history of Nurture Spa because we're the first ever group to try this activity haha :) 

"This is a tour around Nurture Spa Village at the end of which you will have made atleast 250 steps and completed 9 stations leading to better fitness and wellness." according to the poster. The whole parcours take about 30 minutes. Station 5 is Mens Sana in Corporae Sano! The Step-9 is "Dancing" so we did it Gangnam Style. Haha! Below is the video.


the waiters told us that their 'neighbor chicken' just laid eggs that morning, in their vicinity. lucky us!

Then we had a 30-minute walk in the farm dubbed as "Pineapple & Pepper Farm Tour" we toured around plantations of coffee, pineapples, passion fruit, pepper, banana, ginger, etc. The tour was exhausting but super fun! Had a lot of photo opps and I saw weird spiders too! I especially liked the vast pineapple farm I even bring home a souvenir. :)

Back in Nurture Spa I immediately took a quick shower to freshen up and prepped up for lunch.

I had Chicken Cordon Bleu plus Crusted Fish Fillet for lunch.

Veggie Salad with Oriental Dressing

mixed fruits for dessert.

After more than 32 hours of stay at Nurture Spa, it was time to check-out! :-( That weekend is really memorable not just because of the tranquil, stress-free environment and the detoxifying benefit I gain from the whole stay, but also for the never-ending laughter we did that weekend. We all had FUN! That's priceless.

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay
7310 Pulong Sagingan,
Maitim II West, Tagaytay City 4120
+63918.8888.772 | +63917.6878.873

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