“DYNES Salon & Spa” Now Offers Slimming Solutions

Gone are days when beauty salons are just for hair treatments and manicure or pedicure. They're becoming a "one-stop-shop" now for all your beauty needs. Aside from hair care, they have facial equipments now, and some salons even have high-end slimming machines. Just like DYNES Salon & Spa. They have branches at Caloocan & Malabon, but their newly re-opened main branch in Paso de Blas, Valenzuela is now equipped with LipoSlim and Cellustim.

This is the same machine used in St. Lukes Medical Center, Marie France, Zunic, Calayan, Belo and other premiere clinics. They might change how they called their machines but its actually the same machine  from the same manufacturer and distributor.

Yes we all liked to be slim & feel healthy about our body, but it's sooo hard to diet! So for busy (or lazy :p ) people like me who don't have time to diet, I think this is the answer! This is also the perfect solution for people who want to lose weight in some key areas of their body. Just like me I feel okay with my body but I want to lose some fats on my belly!

Few weeks ago, I had the chance to try their new machines. And I'm astounded with the immediate results. I've lost a few centimeter, and that's 9.3 centimeter to be exact. Read on for the full details.


The LipoSlim system uses the latest biological cavitation ultrasound technology combined with LED, effective for rejuvenation, to achieve unparalleled volume reduction in body tissue. The cavitation effect relies on the formation of bubbles within interstitial areas of the body. When these bubbles collapse the resulting shock wave leads to a temporary change in the permeability of the fat cell walls which allows fatty material to drain out of the cell and be removed by the body’s lymphatic system.

The power density and frequency of the Lipo Slim system make it particularly effective for the destruction of consistent quantities of adipose mass most typically found in areas such as the abdomen, gluteus and thighs. LipoSlim is a non-invasive & non-surgical non-invasive intensive lipoplasty cavitation slimming. Can be done without anesthesia and produce no scar at all! That means it's capable of volume reduction without surgical intervention and of course, zero down-time for its patients.


The CELLUSTIM machine contour, shape, tone and slim your body by dramatically improving the appearance of your cellulite. I've read that each session is equivalent to 200 sit-ups! This program provides precise, controlled & fast acting penetration of the signal which stimulates metabolic rate and helps to burn of fat while also tightening and pulling in the muscles. It is ideal for enhancing weight loss programs. Excess fluid is drained from the stimulated area, muscles are tensed and fat is compressed. Cellustim is manufactured by DAEYANG MEDICAL CO., LTD., might sound Chinese but they're actually a South Korean company.

Cellustim Has 10 Different PROGRAMS for Specific Needs

1. SLIMMING - An intensive rotation of muscle contraction with rest intervals and variations in pulses and frequencies. The in-depth penetration of the signal will stimulate the metabolic rate and help to burn off fat while also tightening and pulling in the muscles.

2. DEEP MUSCLE TONE - The varied, specially adapted signal penetrates to the Foundation Muscles producing effective and long lasting inch loss. It also activates circulation and accelerates connective tissue repair.

3. WORKOUT - For tightening and toning muscles which do not get regular exercise, thes Program pulls in, firms and gives a "lift" to areas ghat are out of shape. Used extensively, it will also build up small and weak muscles.

4. CELLULITE - Cycling through a range of differing pulses and frequencies and using the unique Ultrawave signal with the new Ultratone Slimming and Fermatone Cellulite products, fatty deposits are broken down and flushed out of the system quickly and effectively.

5. LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - The sequenced, fluctuating Program which simulates a pumping and deep massage action will eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention. Used in conjunction with Ultratone Products it will reduce abdomen swelling and thickening around the ankles.

6. FACE LIFT - This is truly the ultimate Non Surgical Face Lift as it combines all the benefits of appropriate muscle toning with Moisture Infusion and skin Cell Regeneration. Using a combination of Ultrawave, Monophasic signals and a Microcurrent, the revolutionary, hands - off 15 minute treatment will reduce fine lines and lift sagging skin and facial muscles.

7. BUST LIFT - This new and fast acting treatment will rotate through a series of exercises and stimulation patterns designed to strengthen the pectoral muscles thus giving a lovely domed effect to the cleavage and keeping the breasts firm and youthful looking. Used with the Fermatone cream it will also improve elasticity and help to increase breast size.

8. HIPS, THIGHS AND BOTTOM - A vigorous and energising sequence of deep and superficial pulses will help Ultratone Products penetrate and slim the hips and thighs and give the buttocks a firm and shapely outline. Ideal for reducing the "Pear shape" effect and smoothing out dimpled fatty deposits while giving the area a vigorous exercise session.

9. POST NATAL AND POSTURE - In order to restore tightness and strength to weakened and stretched muscles, highly specific and varied pulses are sent to the Slow Posture Muscles and the Fast White Muscles. This balanced, safe and effective treatment will reduce waist, tummy and hip measurements and also re-align the posture muscles and restore their elasticity.

10. MOISTURE INFUSION AND TONE - Using a combination of frequencies and pulses, along with an overlaying Micropulse this treatment will not only give a good general muscle toning but will also help to rejuvenate and accelerate skin cell replacement while delivering concentrated moisture infusion to the treated area.

Before the whole procedure (which took around one hour) they let me sign on a four-page agreement. Two page for each machine. Its actually a consent form that you have to signed before proceeding to the treatment. The consent form also states that these kind of procedures is not recommended for pregnant/nursing mothers, those who has cancer, who undergone surgery in the last 12 months, has diabetes and high cholesterol, etc. You can read the agreements by clicking on the four photos above.


Prior my appointment, the therapist told me to not eat anything one hour before the treatment.

After signing the consent form, the therapist measured my upper, middle & lower abdomen in centimeters. This step is really crucial especially if you really want to know if there are any changes after the procedure. The therapist also "draw" some guidelines on my stomach this is to target the key areas and to avoid the vital parts of my body.

Then the therapist instructed me to laydown on the bed & she put a layer of ultrasound gel on my stomach area and then she put the applicator on my belly in a smooth, circular sweeps. I felt a warm, tingling sensation but the whole treatment is very comfortable. It's ticklish too! You will also heard a faint cricket-like sound while being treated. Typical LIPOSLIM treatment times are in the range 15-17 minutes.

After that, I tried their CelluStim too!

Just like what stated above, CelluStim has 10 different programs for different needs. My therapist advise me to choose LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE which I did. Actually I'm quite afraid to try this machine after seeing lots of wires, I'm feeling I'm about to be electrocuted or something :)

They put "belts" on my stomach and and in my arms, then they inserted round & wired patches under it. Then I just felt that my whole body is shaking uncontrollably! My therapist instructed me to put my hands on my chest area during the whole procedure. The whole procedure lasted for 20 minutes, I felt being massaged too!

After the procedure, we have to found out the results! I listed the before & after measurements below. The nurse told me to drink lots of water too.

RESULT: Abdominal Cavitation & Lymphatic Drainage

Before LipoSlim and Cellustim:
Upper: 84.3 centimeter
Middle: 92 centimeter
Lower: 91 centimeter

After LipoSlim and Cellustim:
Upper: 82 centimeter (lose 2.3 centimeter)
Middle: 88 centimeter (lose 4 centimeter)
Lower: 89 centimeter (lose 3 centimeter)

all in all,  I lose 9.3 centimeters!

Avail the promo package P10,000 for 12 sessions (24 programs for two machines: LipoSlim + CelluStim) until December 31, 2012 only. FYI, each session is P2,500 for each machine so getting the promo package is the way to go!

#21 Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City
Phone #: (02) 444-7885

JL Santiago Aquino

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