“CHOICES,” Natural Anti-Aging Book Guide by Catherine Brillantes-Turvill

Roll Back Time:  Anti-aging CHOICES. Achieve Beauty and Vitality the Natural Way

The business of anti-aging has become a booming global industry, estimated by the Global Spa Summit to be worth $679.1 Billion worldwide in 2010. The immense growth of the beauty and anti-aging business has seen an unprecedented spike in the number of “quick fix” anti-aging treatments that many times have proven to be not just expensive, but quite risky.

Renowned experts Professor Benson, Director Emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute, Prof. Campbell, author of “The China Study” and best selling author Dr. Andrew Weil lament that too many people are provided “quick fixes” when the best solutions for youth, longevity, beauty and vitality are found in a person’s lifestyle. Dr. Holt, Professor of Medicine maintains that “Beauty lies within the body; the physical appearance is merely a function of general body health. Longevity is a legacy of a positive lifestyle, and such a lifestyle results in youthful looks.”

This book, published and distributed internationally by New York-based Sorrell Publishing Company, presents a holistic approach to anti-aging founded on the core principles of wellness and natural healing. Using the acronym CHOICES as an easy to remember guide to its Body-Mind-Spirit approach to natural anti-aging, the author cites eleven pillars of health as C- Choose to be Positive; Control Stress; H- Health Eating; Hydration; O – Oxygenate with Exercise, Movement; I – Immune Boost with Natural Supplements; C- Cleanse body, mind, emotions and environment, E- Embrace natural therapies and S – Sleep, Social and Spiritual Support.

A wellness advocate who has seen the power of natural healing in her own destination spa business, the author presents CHOICES as a formula for busy people to use as they undertake their own journey to look and feel younger. Research based and scientific in content, yet easy to read in a simple, personal, conversational style, this handy guide is perfect for today’s modern man and woman on a quest to look and feel younger and end up with a great bonus: a vibrant, healthy, happy and joyful life.

The book is available for sale at National Bookstores and Power Books nationwide and at Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City (www.nurture.com.ph). For further inquiries pls email info@nurture.com.ph or call 09178380073.

About the author:
Catherine Brillantes-Turvill is a pioneer and leader in the Philippine Spa and Wellness Industry. She is the President of Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City, cited by CNN as one of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia. She is also the Founding President of the Spa Association of the Philippines. Cathy is a Certified Educator of the Living Foods Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist of the National Wellness Institute, USA, and an internationally licensed CIBTAC UK therapist. She is currently undergoing Certification as a Wellness and Health Coach at the Wellness Coach Training Institute (USA).

She attended the Benson-Henry Institute’s course on Mind Body Medicine at the Harvard Medical School and Cornell University Executive Development Program for Spa Management. She studied acupuncture at the Philippine Academy of Acupuncture Inc. and has been a speaker in spa and wellness conferences in New York, Korea, Thailand, Moscow, Beijing, Seoul, Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore.

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