Unilab Partners with Point of Care Solutions Inc. To Help Cancer Patients


According to recent medical studies, 40% of cancer patients die because they give up the fight. That's because of the extreme discomforts & physical challenges of radiation & chemotherapy such as skin discoloration, falling hair, mouth sores, cracked/blackened nails, skin rashes, burns & the general feeling of dread and helplessness, many of them no longer want to continue treatment.

With the growing census of cancer incidence here in the Philippines, there is real concern in providing supportive care, not only during the cancer treatment but more so when the treatment side effects start manifesting. 

I actually had the chance to interview a chemotherapy patient last year, so I had the glimpse on what kind of daily life, these patients are going through. Up to now I can still remember the subject of my interview. As I asked her questions, I'm teary-eyed at the same time. She's full of happiness and positivity no matter what.

But what if cancer patients can be relieved of most of the dreadful side effects of their treatment? What if they can find their chemotherapy & radiation sessions more tolerable because there are products in the market that can address each of their woes?

Last October 24, 2012, Point of Care Solutions (PCSI) introduced EVOLIFE products for skin, oral, nail & hygiene care designed for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. These products are designed to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment. Point of Care Solutions Inc. (PCSI) in partnership with United Laboratories recently introduced Evolife products to the Philippines.

Evolife products consist of skin care products such as EvoSkin Gel Cream and Evolife Hydrating Skin Cleanser which provide a unique hydrating solution for skin side effects of cancer therapy such as cracks, dryness and a burning sensation. Oral care products like EvoMucy mouthwash and spray for mouth sores, EvoLip for chapped or sensitive lips, EvoDry mouth spray to combat mouth and throat dryness and EvoDonto toothpaste for sensitive and irritated gums.

They also has a scalp care product especially designed for cancer patients: EvoCapil hydrating hair spray that calms the scalp and rejuvenates hair follicles to encourage hair re-growth; a hygiene product called as EvoDeo Deodorant Spray, an alcolohol-free deodorant spray for hypersensitive skin controls hot flashes and excessive sweating. They have nail care products too! EvoNail helps revitalize darkened, yellow, brittle or cracked nails and restores them to their natural state.

Mr. Mike Avelino (Managing Director of Point of Care Solutions, Inc.) and Mr. Dante Sibug  (UNILAB General Manager - BIO ONCO Division)


BLOG-PH had the chance to asked the panelist, regarding the prices of their product in market since most of the cancer patient will be concern on the cost and prices first.

According to Mike Avelino, the Managing Director of PCSI, "The price in the US is around $60 per piece but because we don't really intend to bring it here at that price level, because not all patient cannot afford the product. We significantly reduced the price of the product to at least 50% of the price in the US. We sacrificed a lot of margins, because really our concern and focus is to bring this product here to the Philippines and make it available to cancer patients."

"We priced the product very, very low as compared to any country where EVOLIFE is available." he added.

Q&A portion.

"That's also the reason why Unilab was prompted to partner with Evolife kase, binaba nila ang presyo nila from what you can see in the website." said Mr. Dante Sibug  (the General Manager of UNILAB BIO ONCO Division) "Unilab work into the partnership knowing that Evolife was willing to cut their margins and make it available for the greater reach of the Filipino people."

Dr. Maria Luisa Abesamis-Tiambeng, M.D., head of the CSMC Cancer Institute, M.D. explained that "On the point of view of the oncologists, if a patient is suffering from halimbawa from the usual side effects of the treatment, we add-on a lot of prescription. So kung ki-nompare mo yun. Kung we're going to take up the cost sasabihin talaga outright, it is expensive. But in the long run it is really cost-effective, and it promotes yung comfort ng patient during the course of the treatment." 

"When computing for the treatment, we're not looking at it for yung now lang, we're looking at it what will gonna happen for the rest of your life. It might be expensive now, but in the long run, kung macomplete mo yung full course, full dose yung treatment. Yung tradeoff nun is mas mahaba yung disease-free episode mo. Yung delivery ng care, yung delivery ng effectivity ng treatment, na o-offset nung expenses like that" said Dr. Annalyn Ong-Cornel.

Cancer patient Mina Nimo explained that, "Kung tutuusin mura na yan dahil yung effectivity ng product. Yung comfort, yung relief, yung bang may piece of mind ka na alam mong pinahid mo sa katawan mo, magkakaroon ng effect, maganda ang effect. So yung quality of life pa rin like ako nga normal na ulit ang buhay ko, nakakangiti na ako. Dahil may confidence (na ulit) ako."

For more info about Evolife and their products, visit www.evolife.com.ph. Or go to their Cancer Support Shop at the CSMC Cancer Center located at 10 Wilson St., Greenhills West in San Juan City.

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  1. It's nice to know that there are companies like PCSI/Unilab who are willing to cut down their eatnings for the common good of the Filipino people. Kudos!

  2. It's nice to know that there are companies like PCSI/Unilab who are willing to cut down their earnings for the common good of the Filipino people. Kudos!

  3. this is a big help to cancer patients especially here in the Philippines.

  4. I'll share this good news to the mom of my friend. I think she needed this. Will point her to their website too. Thanks for the info =)