Meet TV’s Funniest Guys In 'MEN AT WORK' on beTV

There’s nothing like a good laugh to get your weeknights going and beTV is the place to be for just that. Swinging in this September are the funniest guys on television as they dish out seriously tongue-in-cheek humour, irreverent behaviour and absolute fun in the brand new US sitcom, Men At Work on beTV!

Dubbed an all-male version of Sex and the City – only that it’s funny – and reminiscent of Seinfeld, Men at Work is positively the fresh, must-catch half-hour of laughs on TV. Premiering 3 September 2012 and airing Mondays to Fridays at 8.30pm first and exclusively on beTV, Men At Work is a brash new original comedy following four hip and young professionals as they take on New York and live life "Full Steam" ahead, in the spirit of title of the magazine they work for.

As men will be men, this riot of a sitcom follows the ‘bro-mance’ and misadventures of these four hilarious 30-something friends as they help each other navigate work, friendship and women. Danny Masterson (That ‘70s Show) stars as the recently dumped Milo, whose friends are determined to help him get back onto the dating scene. Sporting a beard, he is an attractive, funny guy with a Peter Pan complex. James Lesure (Las Vegas) is Gibbs, a photographer and smooth ladies man who has never met a pretty woman he did not try to seduce.

Michael Cassidy (The O.C.) plays Tyler, a charming pretty boy of a celebrity features writer who adds a dash of style and sophistication to the group. Adam Busch (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) is Neal, an awkward and dorky reporter who even has to seek advice from Milo on how to talk dirty in bed. He is also the only one among the four with a steady girlfriend, Amy (Meredith Hagner), who is the daughter of their boss.

In the premiering episode, newly single Milo is convinced by his buddies to snap out from wallowing in self pity and “cyber-stalking his ex-girlfriend on Facebook to see if she has changed her relationship status”. And that he should seek out a new romance or at least a “meaningless sexual encounter with a complete stranger” from the bar that Tyler and Gibbs take him to. Along the way, Gibbs’ trip to Tyler’s pad to pick up camera equipment ends in an indecent liaison with the latter’s cleaning lady there and then.

Tyler, who gets turned down on an interview by the snobbish star actor of a movie, has to get creative to embarrass a bully dressed in a ‘rhinestone fish’ shirt at the bar to get his interviewee – who has a dark secret to keep – out of a thorny situation. Back home, when Amy asks the unimaginative and hapless Neal to talk dirty in bed, his anxiety takes over and goes, “I’m going to rip your head off and poop in the corner” to leave her in shock!

More laughs will ensue in the upcoming episodes: Milo dates some very interesting characters and even lands behind bars for going too far to research his story on drug trafficking; Gibbs and Tyler will learn some tough truths through a lie detector, as well as pretend to be a couple to get a discount for gym membership; while Neal has to contend with Amy who is up for more adventure in their bedroom, along with his future father-in-law who is also their disgruntled, cost-cutting boss.

Created by the Emmy-nominated writer, actor, comedian and producer, Breckin Meyer (Franklin and Bash), Men At Work is a hit on cable TV in the US where the 10 part series averaged more than 2.5 million weekly viewers. The show’s popularity saw a second season of 10 new episodes commissioned to return in 2013.

Definitely all about men being men in a new yet comfortably familiar sitcom, Men At Work is set to serve up a no-holds-barred brand of rollicking fun to kick start your weeknights. So be sure to check in with television’s funniest guys this September, only on the humorously entertaining beTV.

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