NOKIA, Still the Leading Mobile Phone Brand According to Mobile Life 2012 Study

Nokia continues to be on the top of the mobile phone race as a recent survey revealed it is the brand of mobile handset owned by most Filipinos in 2011.

The full results of the survey are disclosed in the Mobile Life 2012 study by TNS, the world’s leading custom research company. Mobile Life is the most comprehensive research on mobile phones that covers 43 markets from North America to Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa, with a total of 34,000 respondents.

For the Metro Manila coverage, 500 face-to-face interviews were conducted among respondents with ages ranging from 16 to 60 years old across all economic classes. Among the questions asked was the brand of handset owned by Filipinos in Metro Manila, or what brand of mobile phone reflects the urban Filipino.

Sixty-four percent of the respondents interviewed revealed they currently own a Nokia handset. The mobile phone brand on the second spot trails behind with a mere 12%.

Compared with the 2010 study, the recent result reveals a decline of ownership of the Nokia brand from 70%. Still, the results reflect Filipinos’ continuous preference for Nokia handsets.

“These results from the Mobile Life Study of TNS only show that the Philippines is still a Nokia country,” says Dharmesh Goshalia, General Manager of Nokia Philippines. “Despite the deluge of other mobile phone brands, Nokia remains in the consciousness of Filipinos as a reliable mobile device that meets their lifestyle.”

Goshalia further reveals that Nokia has set its sights on making 2012 another landmark year. The company is geared up to deliver aspirational products that offer choice for consumers, with differentiation on quality and value for money. “Watch out for our Nokia with Windows Phones coming very soon. Those Lumia devices will amaze everyone who try it out. Also, expect more Dual SIM and QWERTY devices. We promise that it will be more fun with Nokia.”

Apart from revealing the mobile phone brand owned mostly by Filipinos, the Mobile Life 2012 Study also showed interesting results on mobile phone ownership. A survey disclosed that mobile phone ownership in the country remains stable and that mobile phones are now more widely owned than the DVD player. The study also unveiled a significant increase in smartphone ownership since 2010 across all economic classes.

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