PETA's "Elephant" Leads Manila Zoo Protest

An “elephant”, holding a sign reading “Close the Manila Zoo!” were joined by dozens of activists from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia in a protest against the Manila Zoo today. The zoo has once-again come under fire for its poor treatment of animals and decrepit enclosures when it became a trending topic on Twitter, both locally and internationally.

The Manila Zoo has been internationally criticized for housing animals in cramped, barren cages and for providing substandard care. The animals are relegated to a lifetime of boredom and abuse, which often leads to self-mutilation and other abnormal behavior. As do all zoos, the Manila Zoo presents visitors with a distorted view of wildlife. In the wild, most animals roam territories of hundreds of kilometers, but the entire Manila Zoo measures only 0.055 square kilometers. Even the largest zoos worry that they cannot provide the space, exercise, privacy, and mental stimulation that the animals need, much less fulfill their other complex needs.

"The Manila Zoo is a tiny, decrepit, and outdated facility and has nothing to offer animals except a life of deprivation, misery, and loneliness," says PETA’s Rochelle Regodon. "We're asking Mayor Lim to close the zoo for good and prevent any more animals from spending their lives in this decrepit and shameful facility."

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