Gabby Concepcion for Sustagen Premium is invited at the launching of the newest health ambassador of Sustagen Premium, and it's no other than ABS-CBN actor, Gabby Concepcion. The event was held at the 55 Events in Quezon City.

Before the press conference started. They let all attendees from trad media and bloggers to fill-up a form. At first I though it  was the usual form I usually encounter on events, but not. It was a long one that asks several questions about myself, if I smoke or what, do I skip meals, what kind of food and drinks I intake, etc.

Then they test me using a device connected to the laptop, they call it the Body Age Test that will score what's the biological age of my body compared to my calendar age. Before that, I am really expecting that my biological age will be higher than my calendar age because this past few months, I tend to eat more and then I just seat all day in front of my laptop, and it turn out that I'm right. The test shows that I'm three years older than my actual age. So that means now that I'm fifteen, my biological age is actually eighteen ;)

Though I'm expecting it, it's still an eye opener for me. Did you know that 7 out of 10 Filipino adults have bodies that are aging faster than they should? Well that's the truth.

Good thing Mead Johnson Nutrition Philippines, makers of Sustagen Premium launched this  campaign because this will remind everyone that we should not neglect our health, no matter what. The results from our poor eating habits, lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle could lead to serious ailments later on in our life.

After my test, a registered dietitian talked to me to give me some health advice. She draw a pie chart that resembles a plate and remind me that 1/2 of my plate should be filled with vegetables because it's healthy for my body. She also advised me to walk for 30 minutes daily as my exercises.

As expected she advised me to drink a glass of milk a day, but I asked her. "Won't that make me more fatter?" "No" she answered. "It's actually healthy for you." I also told her that normally I skip breakfast since I wake up at noontime or early afternoon. She told me that I should still eat my breakfast because skipping it, would makes me crave for more. Which means I will eat more.

During the press con I asked Gabby Concepcion some health advice, since he still looks so young despite the fact that he is 40+ now. He answered that he doesn't eat much meat and pork now, he takes more vegetables and fruits. He added that he likes fish a lot. It's so suprising to know that when he took the test, his biological age is much lower than his calendar age.

I wished I could grow up like that ;]

JL Santiago Aquino

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