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As promised here's my newest contest on! This contest is sponsored by and I'm proud to say that this is my 5th blog contest so far, thanks everyone for supporting this blog :)

About is a new and exciting online shopping site, which offers your favourable products in an auction model. You can also buy products directly for the standard retail price! Smart shopping starts right here. Bid for products and gain huge savings. Or, buy products directly. Worst case, you pay the retail price. Winila launched in 2010 and continuously drives itself as a consumer-friendly entertainment-shopping channel. Its goal is to offer you the latest technology gadgets, games, accessories, and lifestyle products for huge savings.

How Does WINILA Work?

They give you two options at Winila to purchase your desired products and may achieve a huge savings: a. You can start shopping directly like at any other online shopping site and pay the standard retail price. aim as much as they can to match the international Amazon price or any local retail prices; b. You can also try to gain a big discount of up to 95% by bidding on products. In order to bid you need to choose and buy a bid package first. Bid packages vary between 20 – 500 bids. All placed bids on your desired product raise the price & add time to the clock. You win the product if you're the final bidder when the clock hits zero!


Each bid costs $0.50, or €0.50, or PHP 10. Winila's bid packages vary between 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 bids. There are also Bid Vouchers that are available. These vouchers are scratch-type cards where you will be given a Keyword and an Authentication Pass that serves as a corresponding amount of Bid Credits once redeemed. To redeem these vouchers, first scratched off the protective layer on your Winila Voucher to reveal the password. Then, in MY PROFILE click on the tab 'Redeem Voucher' In the redeem voucher area, fill in the necessary details. Click on the 'Redeem' button and Winila will instantly upload the Bid Credits to your account.

WIN 5 Winila Bid Vouchers with 20 Bids Each

First LIKE these two Facebook page: JayL Aquino [Blogger] and Winila. Then head on to your Facebook wall and make a STATUS with the following message:

Hey @JayL Aquino [Blogger] I should win that FREE @Winila Bid Voucher because _________.

Put the @ sign so you can tag these 2 pages. If you don't know how to tag, this blog post can help you. Then attached this link at the end of your status:

Make SURE that you choose EVERYONE on that little padlock icon, so it will appear on my Facebook Page. if you can't see your status on my Facebook Page then it's invalid. It's only valid if it's viewable on the JayL Aquino [Blogger] fanpage.


You can make a maximum of one (1) Facebook status regarding this contest each day, so you can join everyday and have a maximum of twenty (20) entries. One entry is equals to one ticket. Three Winners will be drawn in random using and two winners with the MOST CREATIVE status. This contest will run for 20 days and will ends on the midnight of January 10, 2011.

The password/redeem code will be sent via PM [personal message] to the winning Facebook profile so make sure that your profile can receive message even from non-Facebook friend.

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