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Vote for BLOG-PH.com for the Bloggers' Choice Award in the Philippine Blog Awards 2011

Aside from being a finalist for Reader's Choice for this year's Philippine Blog Awards, I also got the news yesterday that, BLOG-PH.com is also a Finalist for two more categories: Bloggers' Choice Award and Lifestyle Category - National Level :) My movie blog is also a Finalist for Entertainment Category - National Level at Philippine Blog Awards 2011 :D


1. Just create a blog post (on your any blog Multiply, BlogSpot, Tumblr, etc.) Don't forget to mention: I vote for BLOG-PH.com for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice.

This is the HTML code:

*Please don't edit the HTML code above, because Philippine Blog Award requires all voters to include the NO-FOLLOW tags. This won't warm your blog, because you will not give link juice to the PBA website.

The blog don't have to be long, it can be a very short, one paragraph can do :D You may give an explanation why your choice should be the Bloggers’ Choice for this year.

2. That's it! You're already done. Then, please comment your link at http://www.philippineblogawards.com.ph/2011/11/29/finalists-for-philippine-blog-awards-bloggers-choice/

Also, please comment your link here because I'm collating all blogs who voted for me and I will link you too :D

Here are some reasons why you should vote for BLOG-PH.com:
(you can include one or all these reasons in your blog posts :)
  • BLOG-PH.com is just under 1 year old but already averaging 40,000 views a month.
  • One of the Top 100 Pinoy Blogs according to Top Blogs Philippines, peaked at #88 last week.
  • Ranked as the Top 2 Music blog according to Top Blogs Philippines, and peaked #6 at News & Journalism Category last week.
  • It's actually a BlogSpot blog but doesn't look like one.
  • Voted 37 times at Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011.
They Already Voted for BLOG-PH.com 
  1. PinayAds.com
  2. The Daily Posh 
  3. Echusera.com 
  4. My Thoughts and The Act 
  5. KiLLu
  6. SM City Marilao Official Blog
  7. PhillipBarroso.Blogspot.com
  8. Lakwatsera Mom
  9. TheProductsBlog.com
  10. GalwinFabian.com
  11. Pill Box USA 
  12. Bogcess.Blogspot.com 
  13. Make Money Online
  14. KampeonNgPag-ibig.com
  15. SireArevalo.com
  16. Jen's Joyful Life
  17. EliteHauteMode
  18. Badeth 
  19. Anything and Everything's Free
  20. Wellness Team Manila 
  21. Bluerlyn.com 
  22. L.E.N.S Blog
  23. My Life's Good
  24. My Chaotic Blog 
  25. LionhearTV
  26. Flaming Views of a Lunatic
  27. PinkMagaline.com
  28. Something To Live By 
  29. Skamid.com
  30. Anything Under the Sun
  31. Makunat.info - Frugal Living 
  32. VeggieCircle.com
  33. IanTamad.com
  34. UCCian
  35. News Manila 
  36. Lunch Break Blogger
  37. Qlick News 
  38. Something, Something You
  39. your blog link here ;)

      Big thanks for the 86 people who also voted for my blog in the Reader's Choice Category in Philippine Blog Awards 2011! I'm including the screenshot below so I can save this happy memory =)


      1. here goes http://bluerlyn.com/?p=2450

      2. http://www.makunat.info/2011/12/blog-ph-com-for-bloggers%E2%80%99-choice-award-in-philippine-blog-awards-2011/

      3. http://newsmanila.blogspot.com/2011/12/for-blogger-friend.html

      4. http://www.theproductsblog.com/2011/12/blog-phcom-for-bloggers-choice-award-in.html

      5. Good luck to you Jay L! Here is the link to my post:


      6. http://lionheartv.blogspot.com/2011/12/jayls-wwwblog-phcom-for-philippine-blog.html

        Nagawa ko on time :)

      7. http://elitehaultmonde.blogspot.com/2011/12/vote-for-blog-phcom-for-bloggers-choice.html

      8. http://www.skamid.com/blogging/bloggers-choice-award-for-philippine-blog-awards-2011/


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