AXA Philippines tells Filipinos to cross the line in new TVC

WHEN WE EXPECT MORE from the most important things in our life, we need to cross the line into better things—we leave behind what was in the past, in order to achieve more in the present and the future. This crucial, life-changing decision is presented in the new AXA Philippines TV commercial.

The TVC is shot in sepia and blue hues, showing different people at different life stages, from yuppies to families just starting out; to young couples; to someone on crutches recovering from an injury. At first, they all stand on the brink of decision, as they get ready to cross the red line (representing the switch in the AXA logo).

When the final decision is made, however, the sepia and blue hues give way to brightness breaking through the gloom. The sense of freedom, vitality and possibility shines in the smiles and bright faces of those who walked across the line.

World’s number one

Choosing the right insurance provider gives you peace of mind when it comes to your financial future and the financial security of your family. This is especially true when the provider is consistently reliable, available and attentive to your needs—and is the world’s number one insurance brand as well.

“AXA as a global brand has always been a trusted provider of financial protection; this is true for its 95 million customers in 61 countries. Recently, Interbrand—one of the top international brand consultancies--named AXA the world’s Number One insurance brand for the third consecutive year.

“AXA Philippines brings the same top quality products and services to its policy holders in the Philippines. We are here to listen to our customers needs and be their reliable partner in helping them protect, support and manage their financial future,” said AXA Philippines President & CEO, Rien Hermans.

Interbrand ranked AXA number one in the world from 2009 to 2011 for the following reasons: 1) AXA’s ability to “redefine its industry by focusing on customer insights”; 2) AXA’s consistent performance in being “available, attentive and reliable” towards its clients; and its success in offering clients “tangible proofs” of how it fulfills its promises; and 3) The strong commitment to the AXA brand by the company’s members at the senior and employee levels.

Interbrand, one of the largest firms in the world specializing in brand analytics, brand strategy and brand valuation, also put AXA as 53rd best brand in the world across all categories; and fourth best French brand across all industries.

Listening to the customer

Hermans explained that AXA is redefining insurance industry standards with its products and its customer approach. He said that instead of offering pre-packaged products off the shelf—a products-based approach—what AXA offers clients are based on their needs.

“The first step we take is to listen to the client’s needs. What are his or her goals? What sort of financial future does he or she envision? Only when we know the answers to these questions can we begin to create a customized, personalized package of solutions for them—one that is the right fit for their needs and goals,” explained Hermans.

Affordable and convenient

Such personalized financial solutions are always worth the investment. Besides the assurance that your insurance package is exactly what you need, AXA customers also enjoy value for their investment.

“Our premiums are matched to the client’s disposable income. This makes payments easy and affordable since they are within the client’s budget and follows his or her current cashflow,” explained Hermans.

AXA also makes the process of application, payments and claims clear, simple and convenient for customers. For example, application forms are already attached to brochures and such forms have been simplified for ease in filling them out.

Payments are also made more convenient through auto debit and auto charge features. Claims processing is also made simple and tailored to the type of insurance benefit.

For every stage of life

As shown in the AXA TVC, customers from all walks of life will find a set of customized solutions for AXA—at whatever life stage they are currently in.

Whether one is a young urban professional who wants to start early in securing his financial future, or a breadwinner seeking to secure his or her family’s financial needs, AXA is able to provide customized solutions for them. AXA also has solutions for wealth management.

“Younger customers, who are beginning their careers and have less flexibility with their disposable income, will find that they can start investing in insurance in an easy and affordable way through AXA.”

“Breadwinners on the other hand will get assurance and peace of mind that their investments are secure and that claims can be availed of reliably and conveniently.”

“AXA also has products that take care of wealth management. We have clients who need advice on how to invest the considerable assets they worked hard to gather through the years. While they are already asset-rich, they still need reliable, dependable and expert assistance to achieve their financial goals,” stated Hermans.

Knowing all of these, crossing the line no longer seems too daunting. In fact, it just might be one of the best decisions you can make in your life.

AXA Philippines is one of the leading and fastest-growing insurance providers the country since it began operations in 1999. For more information on its products and services, call +632.5815.292 / +632.3231.292 or email

AXA is one of the world’s leaders in financial protection and wealth management. Originating from France, it serves a global clientele of 95 million customers in 61 countries, with 4.3 billion Euros in adjusted earnings as of 2010. For more information, please log on to

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