Media as Authors of eXperience (M.A.X.) 2023

In pursuit of breaking boundaries, TOMCAT - UST kickstarts its 3rd virtual launch of Media as Authors of eXperience (M.A.X.), to exhibit the various roles in the world of media through #ThePanoramaShift. 

The power of media reaches beyond screens and leaves an impact capable of unveiling panoramas. Through M.A.X., TOMCAT - UST gives a complete view beyond media’s defaults, showing how media has evolved and created movements through the years.

Since the event’s debut in 2018, M.A.X. continues to promote media literacy through responsible media consumption. This year, it focuses on the versatility of current personalities in media that continue to contribute to change and evolution that move and influence the masses.

Bringing you a fresh set of esteemed media influencers, this year, Mark Meily, Patt Soyao and Susan Enriquez, are set to highlight M.A.X 2023 with insights on balancing multiple media careers and its vast opportunities that awaits them. 

M.A.X. 2023: Edge in Panoramas, aims to maximize the current trend of engaging in various roles in the industry by helping its audience explore diverse opportunities and give light on its ability to empower change.

On its sixth year, M.A.X. 2023 Director Alyza Celin, said this year’s event offers a wide array of experiences and explores content varieties.

“The target audience for the event is being studied to determine the learning potential of current and forthcoming communicative technologies. It is critical to ensure education and application are established to provide the audience with the skills and knowledge required in a digitally-mediated era since M.A.X. 2023 seeks to give essential foundations for long-term literacy learning,” Celin stated.

For his part, project head Reyant Luce noted that M.A.X. will serve as a platform for people who are interested in learning about the inner workings of the media and possible career opportunities.

 “This is an event where media enthusiasts and professionals are convened for the purpose of attaining one goal — inspire individuals who aspire to become one with the media industry through creative freedom,” he added.

Moving forward, M.A.X. will continue to ensure that audiences are equipped with the necessary skill set and knowledge in the new media age, as they combat different challenges that disrupts the culture of truth-telling and progression. 

Catch M.A.X. 2023: Edge in Panoramas live on April 29, 2023. For more updates, follow TOMCAT - UST’s social media accounts, @tomcatust.

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