"ARIDBE Night 2023 — “Enchanted: A Night of Ethereal Gala”

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Angelika Maling, Bea Pascual, Kaira Loberanes

After two years of laying low due to the pandemic, the Mapua AR-ID-BE (Architecture, Industrial Design, and the Built Environment) Student Council is finally bringing back The ARIDBE Night 2023, entitled "Enchanted: A Night of Ethereal Gala!'' Held on the 6th of January this year, the long-awaited event will be a night dedicated to pageantry, food and drinks, music, and exciting surprises. The night's guests are expected to be fashioned with inspiration to regality, celestial bodies, and Y2K. 

Being in one of the most fast-paced universities in the world, students require events that will reestablish their sociability with people and create college memories that they will look back upon someday. Therefore, the AR-ID-BE Student Council hosts a party that will unite students in the department. 

The ARIDBE Night is an annual event that gives way for nine candidates hailing from the department to prove their worthiness to be the next Mr. and Ms. AR-ID-BE 2023. Whoever shall be crowned will soon represent ARIDBE in the next big pageant, the Mr. and Ms. Cardinals, held annually as the biggest pageant event at Mapua University. This event usually kicks start their journeys on their pageantry career, for there are notable winners that came from the AR-ID-BE Department that is now pursuing a career in both Pageantry and hosting in one of the most established noontime shows in the Philippines. 

The night will also be a chance for the ARIDBE students and its esteemed professors to celebrate a joyful event worry-free of their academic responsibilities - all while being able to support their favorite candidates! 

As of now, due to the venue and catering capacity, the tickets being sold by the council itself are currently Sold out, Although some candidates are still selling tickets that anybody could acquire. Talks about opening new slots are currently happening since the board has opened waitlist forms on where they can wait with the fulfillment of the quota for new to be opened. 

Dates, dinner, party, and a coronation all in one glamorous evening! The ARIDBE Student Council is hosting a formal evening for you to mingle and get to know your fellow students in anticipation of the university's grandest pageant; we bring you Enchanted: A Night of Ethereal Gala

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