De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Freshman Orientation Program Presents INTERAKTIV 2022: ENCHANTMENT

 by Denise Hart Zembrano, Gela Venerable, and Naomi Serrano

With faith, trust, and extraordinary magic dust—Benilde’s Freshman Orientation Program Presents INTERAKTIV 2022: Enchantment

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is in high spirits as it welcomes its Frosh, a new batch of Benildeans, like never before through a hybrid of face-to-face and virtual programs. The event is annually organized by the Student Trainers under the Center for Student Life-Student Involvement Unit of the College. Themed as “Enchantment”, the Frosh Orientation Program fetes the magic that naturally comes with meeting their blockmates for the first time ever and being introduced to the culture and community of Benilde. 

Last August 24, a virtual Opening Ceremony via the Student Trainers Facebook Page commenced INTERAKTIV 1.0 2022. Alongside discussing the requisites for the first week of classes, the official INTERAKTIV Website was also launched at the end of FB live. The website and its immersive modules developed by the Student Trainers have become the College’s innovative way of discussing the essentials as Benildean Frosh. A new normal staple, the INTERAKTIV Zoom Room Orientation Program was held last August 24 to 27—Benilde’s innovative way of welcoming new Benildeans, with engaging activities encouraging them to get to know their fellow blockmates and fellow ID 122. And finally, after a two-year hiatus, the traditional in-campus fete of INTERAKTIV is bouncing back as magical as ever this August 31, September 1, 2, 3, 5, for the Limited Face-to-Face Program But this is not where INTERAKTIV 1.0 2022 and its magic shall end. Capping off the two-week-long festivities, a Facebook Live Closing Ceremony will virtually cap off INTERAKTIV 1.0 2022 this September 7 via the Student Trainers Facebook page as well. 

Altogether, INTERAKTIV 1.0 2022 is built on the pre-pandemic and online culture—marking a time where we welcome back the old ways, but also embrace the new. Pioneered in last year’s INTERAKTIV, an official Webpage will provide the frosh and transferees with an interactive way of getting to know the College and the essentials of being an extraordinary Benildean. 

Through this event, the new batch of Benildeans is assisted in their transition to the College and in being acquainted with their new-found community in Benilde. From meeting their fellow blockmates for the first time in the Zoom Rooms, celebrating the Benildean-Lasallian spirit in the Facebook Livestreams, seeing the exceptional facilities nestled in the campuses, and marking the first of many memorable parts of one’s college journey—indeed, the extraordinary magic of INTERAKTIV charms each and everyone who takes part—in and for it. Welcome Frosh, Welcome ID 122! #WAND22

Be in the #INTERAKTIV2022 loop for all announcements by following the Student Trainers’ Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @studenttrainers. 

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