SM Keeps Tradition Alive with “Halamang Dilaw” Festival

Throngs of spectators packed and line up at the mall to witness the live street dance, unique performances, and grand procession during the Halamang Dilaw festival at SM City Marilao.

The mall was instantly transformed into huge palette of colors as dancers clad in yellow and flower-inspired costumes march and dance to the beat of the drums.

Since SM Supermalls opened its 1st mall in the province of Bulacan, SM City Marilao has become a part of every Bulakeños lifestyle and most awaited festivals. SM in Marilao continues to embody the perfect blend of urbanization and rural charm of the town by holding festivals that would boost tourism while giving everyone a renewed interested on the rich cultural heritage of Bulacan.

“Because every SM mall is a reflection of the host city and its community, we wanted to showcase what the town of Marilao is known for” shares SM City Marilao Mall Manager Engr. Emmanuel Gatmaitan.

Following the street dance performance, a celebration of exotic local flavors will be showcased at the mall atrium on May 24 to June 06. Shoppers can enjoy tasting the town’s signature dishes and delicacies such as pancit Marilao, pastillas, putong puti, putong pula, tamales, suman, atchara de Marilao, conchinta and many more. The project is in cooperation with the Department of Tourism to celebrate the diverse flavors and exciting fusion of the town’s cuisine. The ‘halamang dilaw’ festival is celebrated annually, during the month of May to pay tribute to nature. It is also where the town derived its name- ‘Marilaw’.

“As SM continues to grow, we think of the communities we serve” said SM City Marilao Mall Manager Engr. Emmanuel Gatmaitan. “While we bring global concepts and innovations to key cities. We would also like to keep culture and tradition alive because SM is not just a shopping destination but also an information gateway” SM City Marilao Mall Manager added.

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