Sustainable Light Art Installation Highlight SM Marilao’s Earth Hour

Elated kid jumps for joy at the SM City Marilao’s Garden where beautiful multicolored light art projection made from recycled tires and solar powered light- emitting diode or LED lights were installed for Earth Hour 2017 celebration.

As light represents hope and energy, a solar powered light installation made up of recycled tires and light- emitting diode or LED lights brightened up SM City Marilao’s front garden in celebration of the symbolic switch-off movement for the planet, Earth Hour.

This year Earth Hour celebrates 10 years of saving energy and raising awareness on the impact of climate change.

With a theme “Shine a Light on Climate Action”, SM City Marilao features the creative use of light art and sustainable technology to evoke awareness from its viewers on saving the environment.

“SM’s celebration of Earth Hour is more than an annual tradition of turning off the lights but also a platform where we hope people can understand more about saving the environment for our future generations” shares SM City Marilao Mall Manager Bernadette Velasco.

The light installation was designed with energy saving lighting such as LED lights and battery circuits powered by solar panel to provide low cost lighting at night while reducing carbon footprint. It also reinforced SM City Marilao’s call for action to reduce energy consumption by shifting to renewable energy and sustainable technologies.

On top of the hourly lights-off campaign every year, SM City Marilao has long focused on energy efficiency and instituting sustainable practices such as water conservation, solid waste management and air quality projects including SM Cares environmental programs through education and awareness. Regular Clean-up Drives and Trash to Cash activities are likewise conducted to involve the community in recycling and turning reusable trash to cash.

SM City Marilao’s solar light installation hoped to provide an imaginative and inspirational focal point to help mobilize Bulakeños in sharing responsibility to reduce collective impact of climate change on the earth. It also serve as reminders to encourage the public to adopt sustainable habits in their everyday lives.

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