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Walking a couple of blocks to work should not be tough, neither should carrying a child, nor squatting down to pick up keys from the floor. Physically, there’s no denying that life is better lived when an individual can go through his or her daily routine with ease. The human body was designed ready to take on physical challenges. However, the conveniences brought about by modern life have made even the simplest physical tasks difficult for some people.

Alpha Strength is a gym which strongly believes that when a person is strong, everything becomes easy.

Alpha Strength makes sure that these are not problems for the people who train there. In fact, getting stronger physically to be able to go through day-to-day life is just the tip iceberg. In Alpha Strength, people begin with goals of getting fitter and healthier, optimizing performance, and maximizing athletic capabilities, but they do not stop there. Strength is a never-ending journey and, quite frankly, getting physically stronger along with the abs, legs, and biceps that come with it, is but a small aspect.

In Alpha Strength, the ultimate goal is to help people create better versions of themselves by thinking outside of the box and finding their inner strength.

Be Alpha

Most people get turned off by working out because they see it as difficult and painful–but that pain is mostly caused by incorrect movement patterns that are formed by sedentary lifestyles or even spending a lot of time sitting. BE ALPHA is designed to address this problem. The program is crafted to fix movement patterns–BUILDING physical and mental strength­–as an individual progresses.

With a person’s fitness and health goals in mind, BE ALPHA begins with an assessment of current health and capacity. Limitations in movement are then addressed, followed a measured increase in the intensity of workouts. Alpha Strength coaches empower clients throughout the process, training body—and mind—to build strength.

Contrary to popular belief, building strength is not only achieved through barbells. At Alpha Strength–even at the BE ALPHA program–Mace Bells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, and other tools are used to get clients to get their bodies moving the way the human body is designed to move.

Alpha 365

In order for the human body to get better in any aspect of movement, sport, and even life, it needs to adapt to stress. This is the only way for the body–and mind–to get better. This is the simple science behind Alpha 365: making the human body to adapt to stress.

In ALPHA 365, the stressors work in two ways:

First, progressive overloading helps the body adapt and succeed in its goals within each mesocycle (a mesocycle represents a specific block or timeframe of training designed to accomplish a particular goal).

Second, the varied methods employed during conditioning training helps members and athletes adapt in the three energy systems of the body’s functions: Glycolytic, or short bursts of energy; Phosphagen, short-medium bursts of energy; and Oxidative–long usage of energy.

The ALPHA 365 program utilizes multi-joint compound movements and Powerlifting exercises thrice per week (Squat, Press, and Deadlift). Combined with weightlifting exercises done twice a week (Snatch and Clean & Jerk), the program help develop people to maintain their fitness, as well as become competent in any field of sport.

ALPHA 365 is all about holistic fitness. For cardiovascular health and endurance, the program employs finishers or conditioning exercises every day after finishing the strength work. With a science-based program that ensures a holistic approach to workouts and dedicated coaches who ensure that clients are on top performance level–the ALPHA 365 program pushes people to become the best athletes they can be.

ALPHA STRENGTH is located at the Ground Floor of SPARTA Philippines, 16 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City.


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